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Malderor – The Outta Sorts!

Monday, February 29

outta sortsLocal garage-punks “The Outta Sorts” were sharp enough to send Malderor a vinyl copy of their new E.P., which is the kind of quick-witted ambition that gets you invited to be on the radio! So they came by the studio to play tracks from the new record, as well as a big stack of vinyl from their friends, influences, and former bands.  It was a ton of fun, although the fact we spun so much vinyl meant that there was very little time to update the “now playing” gizmo, and as such this playlist is very incomplete.  But, here is a partial list of what was played:

2:24pm: A Little Less Talk by Hillbily Hellcats

2:24pm: Soul Power 1968 by Rasheed Ali

2:36pm: Party In The Sky by The Outta Sorts

2:39pm: Red Planet by The Schizophonics

2:51pm: You Have To Fight To Survive On The Planet Of The Apes by The Mummies

3:00pm: Hot Ticket by The Outta Sorts

3:08pm: Buzz Saw Effect by Davie Allen

3:14pm: My Dark Places by Stiff Little Fingers

3:24pm: Dancin’ Little Thing by James Brown

3:25pm: Baby by Flat Duo Jets

3:27pm: Gasoline by The Vendettas

3:38pm: Same All Over by The Swinging Neckbreakers

3:52pm: The Time It Takes To Break A Heart by Vickie and the Vengents

There were many more fine garage-punk tracks played. Check them all out here:

(Also includes the first half-hour of Cheap Hooch Radio, that incorporated plenty of The Outta Sorts!)


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