Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – Hardcore Punk and The Manic Relapse Fest

Monday, April 4

manic2Malderor had Anti-Christian on the show, the founder of Oakland’s Manic Relapse Festival, coming up at the end of the month at multiple venues across the East Bay.  There is much talk of Japan, and a 100% set of hardcore.  Playlist and raw noise assault below:

2:03pm: Death Toll by Crucifix

2:04pm: Crucifix by Broken Bones

2:09pm: I Don’t Care by The Ramones

2:12pm: No Masters, No Slaves by The Varukers

2:14pm: Fear Of God by Amebix

2:16pm: It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This by Oi Polloi

2:22pm: Give Us A Future by One Way System

2:24pm: Police State by U.K. Subs

2:25pm: Kick Out The Tories by Newtown Neurotics

2:40pm: Capitalism Is Cannibalism by Anthrax (UK)

2:42pm: Something in Japanese by Morpheme

2:44pm: While The World Sat And Watched by Side Effects

2:53pm: Destroy Capitalism by Crude SS

2:55pm: Insanity by The Bones

2:56pm: After The Bloodshed by Iconoclast

3:03pm: I Remember (Millions Of Dead Cops) by MDC

3:05pm: Quei Importante by Istirismo

3:06pm: Rebels With A Cause by The Anger Flares

3:12pm: Rensa by Kafka

3:15pm: Hell’s Rider by Poikkeus

3:26pm: No TV Sketch (Discharge cover) by Extreme Noise Terror

3:31pm: Under The Sun by Anti-Cimex

3:34pm: Dying Of Disease by Disclose

3:37pm: Greatest Fuckin’ Tonight Pt 2 by The Erections

3:45pm: Dark Order by Odio

3:48pm: No Law by Korrosive

3:50pm: Midnight Soldier by Isotope

3:55pm: Complete Control by Violence

3:56pm: Wake Up by Newtown Neurotics



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