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Malderor – Motorhead covers, DJ Dial-A-Shot, and Therapy?

Tuesday, May 3

IMG_3849This was sort of a weird episode. We had a quadruple-shot of the 90-s alt-rock giants Therapy?, a TON of Motorhead covers, and a country set.  So it was all over the goddamn map this week on Malderor’s Curated Catastrophe.  There were a few new-releases, and support from DJ Dial-A-Shot, and it was a fun time in the studio. We even took out the trash! Check it out!

2:24pm: We’re Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister

2:26pm: When The Oil Runs Out by Newtown Neurotics

2:27pm: Hatebomb by Discharge

2:27pm: Poppy by El Radio Fantastique

2:28pm: Sugar Daddy by Sturgill Simpson

2:31pm: Controlled Burn by Happy Fangs

2:37pm: The Whole Of The Moon (Waterboys Cover) by Prince

2:41pm: Deathstimate by Therapy?

2:45pm: Grindie by Coquin Migale

2:54pm: Where Eagles Dare (Misfits Cover) by Therapy?

2:56pm: Vicar In A Tutu (Smiths Cover) by Therapy?

2:58pm: Stop It You’re Killing Me by Therapy?

3:06pm: Me and The Whiskey by Whitey Morgan

3:11pm: Waiting Round To Die by Whitey Morgan

3:15pm: Misery and Gin by Merle Haggard

3:25pm: Ace Of Spades (Motorhead Cover) by The Reverend Horton Heat

3:26pm: Motorhead (Motorhead Cover) by Poison Idea

3:30pm: 1916 (Motorhead Cover) by Hobo Kin

3:33pm: Overkill (Motorhead Cover) by Metallica

3:42pm: Which Side Are You On? by The Dropkick Murphys

3:44pm: I Don’t Mind by The Psychic Ills (Feat. Hope Sandoval)

3:47pm: Together We’ll Fight by Red Alert

3:59pm: Freedom Song by The Levee Walkers

4:00pm: return to normal schedule.



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