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Malderor – Minor Hurdles

Wednesday, May 25

BrokenTurntableThis week’s show was a bit of a challenge, as various technical problems cropped up during the show. So it was all a bit seat-of-the-pants, and the tequila our guests DJ Dial-A-Shot and DJ Deathwish brought didn’t help.

There was no playlist this week, because that machine, along with everything else, wasn’t working properly.  It was a frustrating afternoon, but ultimately a fun show! Here’s some stuff I think I played:

Whip My Valet by Intelligence
Jacky by Marc Almond
Cold Shoulder by She Makes War
Back to Africa by Count Ossie
All for One by the Stone Roses
No Time by Whiteout
One Summer by BoxSetGo
Rat Race by Fuzz
21st Century Schizoid Man by We Hunt Buffalo
Soaked by Twist
Bad Clouds by Tombstones In Their Eyes
Sam Stone by Swamp Dogg
The Living Dead (Live) by Suede
Destiny by Brushy One-String
Poliamor Fiesta De Crack by Leftover Crack
I Write The Songs by David Cassidy
Gold by Coquin Migale
Something by Pins of Light
Everything Sucks by The Descendents
1000 More Fools (I think) by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by Joan Jett
Something new by Old Firm Casuals

There was probably some other shit I forgot about.  Give it a download or a stream!



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