Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – Rainy Days and Deathwishes!

Monday, October 31

fullsizerenderMalderor had intended to do an all-vinyl, all-70s rock & roll show today. But it was raining buckets in the Bay Area, and he didn’t fancy the idea of lugging a record box to the studio in a downpour. So, he elected to wing-it, as usual! There was a visit from a roving band of psychiatrists and their French bulldogs, and some training for a new DJ, DJ Paulatics. Dial-A-Shot called in from Minnesota, and DJ Deathwish arrived late, at the tail end of a bender.  So situation-normal, in that regard.

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2:08pm: Get Down And Get With It (Live) by Slade

2:11pm: Forgetful Sam by Dooms Virginia

2:14pm: Got This Thing On The Move by Grand Funk Railroad

2:27pm: Hide by Nightworkers

2:28pm: Can’t Come Down by The Electric Lazarus

2:31pm: A Pretty Face Can Only Get You So Far by The Electric Lazarus

2:38pm: Goddamn Rodriquez Brothers by Repo Man

2:40pm: Dream Baby Dream (Suicide Cover) by Bruce Springsteen

2:52pm: This Must Be Hell by Horace Andy

2:53pm: Rock Vibration by Yabby You

2:57pm: Violence Now by Milk Music

3:01pm: Fade Into You (Mazzy Star Cover) by Maximo Park

3:05pm: Don’t Think Twice by Post Productions

3:09pm: The Masterplan by Oasis

3:14pm: Dr. Junk’s Greatest Hits by Dr. Junk

3:16pm: London Calling (Clash Cover) by Corey Taylor

3:29pm: Drinking Problem by Surfer Blood

3:32pm: Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Nancy Sinatra

3:35pm: A Good Night For My Drinkin’ by The Supersuckers

3:38pm: Divided We Suffer by BellaVista

3:41pm: Rock Bottom, Population 1 by Robbie Fulks

3:46pm: The Positive Aspects of Negative Thinking by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:47pm: Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now by Harry And Archie’s Marching Mariachi Band

3:52pm: 11 Empty Bottles by The Tosspints

3:52pm: We’ll Do It Live! by Bill O’Reilly Freaking Out

3:55pm: Grave New World by Dissober

4:00pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire



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