Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – A Hard-Rocking Warm-Up For Your Pregame

Monday, February 5

Malderor plays two hours of guitar-based rock & roll today as you amp up for your pigskin revels. For some reason all the new music I encountered this week fell firmly in the “balls-out top-down hard-rockin'” vein, so I’m playing a bunch of stuff from bands like REO Speedealer, The Hellacopters, Electric Frankenstein, and so on. It’s not really metal, not really punk, but cleary hard-rock goodness. Tune in, if that’s your flavor, and get your blood pumping before the gladiatorial spectacles commence.

2:02pm: Knives by Therapy?

2:10pm: 10,000 Years Of Revolution by Greenleaf

2:16pm: Shell Of A Man by The Atomic Bitchwax

2:22pm: Get It On by Turbonegro

2:26pm: The Riot by Apache

2:31pm: The Evil Powers Of Rock n Roll by The Supersuckers

2:36pm: Nemesis by HP Joelcraft

2:42pm: WFO by Honky

2:46pm: Tainted Water by Troubled Horse

2:50pm: Down In The Jungle by Monster Magnet

2:58pm: Party by Midnight Evils

3:01pm: Hear Them Scream by The Atom Age

3:03pm: Don\’t Stop Now by The Hellacopters

3:06pm: Get A Rope by REO Speedealer

3:08pm: Such A Fool by The Candy Snatchers

3:11pm: Speed Girl by Electric Frankenstein

3:14pm: My Life Is Shit! by Dirtbox Disco

3:16pm: Imaginary Friend by Excuse 17

3:19pm: On The Run by Zeke

3:25pm: Hello Russia by The Golden Pelicans

3:27pm: Spontaneous by Jeru The Damaja feat OC

3:29pm: Burning A Sinner by Witchfinder General

3:33pm: Hopkins by Cathedral

3:41pm: Live Fast, Die Young by Elvis Hitler

3:44pm: R.A.M.O.N.E.S. by The Ramones

3:45pm: I Got A War by Gluecifer

3:49pm: Black-Eyed Boogie by Zen Guerilla

3:52pm: You Can Never Go Home by The Unseen

3:54pm: Faded by Junkyard

4:01pm: 27 by Flamethrower

4:05pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

4:05pm: return to normal schedule.


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