Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – Lotus Thief Visits The Studio!

Thursday, February 22

Malderor welcomes Bay Area ‘archaic doom’ band Lotus Thief in to the studio! Lotus Thief merges post-black metal, space rock and ambient music, with lyrics based on ancient texts. Interesting stuff. Plus members of gypsy jazz band Blonde Toledo are *also* in the studio, as they share several band-members. So it’s a party! Check it out!

2:05pm: Aeternvm by The Lotus Thief

2:10pm: Watch Your Back by Blonde Toledo

2:24pm: Not Fragile by Acid King

2:28pm: Queens WIll Play by Black Mountain

2:32pm: Monterrey by Blonde Toledo

2:36pm: Manna And Quail by Caterwaul

2:49pm: return to normal schedule.

2:55pm: Electric by Boris

2:57pm: Journey To The Plains by Shels

3:10pm: Bar At The End Of The World by Blonde Toledo

3:14pm: Idisi by Lotus Thief

3:35pm: Jolene (Pitch Shifted Version) by Dolly Parton

3:58pm: Gallows Hymn by Primordial


Check out the stream here:


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