Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – Viqueen Comes To Rock The Radio Valencia Studios!

Sunday, March 18

Malderor welcomes SF Bay Area based metal band Viqueen to the studio, for a set focusing on their new album release, plus influences and other shit. Hangovers are installed and serviced. Check out the podcast!

2:26pm: Graves by Viqueen

2:30pm: Rock Out by Motorhead

2:42pm: Party Animal by Viqueen

2:48pm: Ripe by Screaming Females

2:51pm: Andres by L7

2:57pm: Shutterbug by Veruca Salt

3:03pm: Little Girl Little Boy by The Atom Age

3:05pm: Everything Burns by Proudflesh

3:07pm: Shot Down In Flames by AC/DC

3:18pm: C Word by Viqueen

3:22pm: The Bones by Tweak Bird

3:24pm: Violet by Hole

3:28pm: Sing Sing Death House by The Distillers

3:38pm: Thirsty Bitches by Viqueen

3:41pm: Bridge To Hawaii by Taco Cat

3:45pm: An Island by Chevelle

3:50pm: New York by Le Butcherettes

3:58pm: Bloodless by Viqueen

3:58pm: Unholy by Viqueen

4:04pm: I’m A Man Too by Death Valley Girls

4:06pm: Follow Me by The Coathangers

4:10pm: Space Camp by Viqueen

4:14pm: Goin’ Blind by Melvins

4:19pm: Swerve City by Deftones

4:27pm: Slaughter Of The Soul by At The Gates

4:28pm: Forest For Its Trees by Viqueen

4:32pm: Get A Rope by REO Speedealer

4:34pm: Smile More by Deap Vally

4:41pm: Blood And Thunder by Mastodon


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