Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – Flying Solo

Monday, June 4

Malderor was a trifle late, charging in through the Carnaval parade, and his sidekick Deathwish never showed up at all. Given that the Cheap Hoochies were out as well, it was very lonely in the control room this sunny Sunday. Malderor made up for it with new releases, many on the local Pirates Press punk rock label. Streaming link is below:

2:06pm: Touch Sensitive by The Fall

2:08pm: Photographs by The Third Sound feat. Anton Newcombe

2:14pm: Out Of The Woodwork by Courtney Barnett

2:22pm: Resist Much, Obey Little by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

2:28pm: Warriors by Blitz

2:31pm: Cool Water (Hank Williams cover) by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

2:33pm: Ghost Garden by Asteroid #4

2:40pm: Bar Stool Preachers by Bar Stool Preachers

2:42pm: Alone by Bishop’s Green

2:46pm: Don’t Kill The Vibe by Ecstatic Vision

2:57pm: Velour by FAN

2:57pm: Melba by Jeff Rosenstock

3:00pm: Who Spilt My Beer by The Adicts

3:05pm: Open Your Eyes by Jeff Dahl & Poison Idea

3:09pm: Do You Love My Music? by Horace Andy

3:13pm: Can’t Stop Natty Dread Again (12 Inch Version) by Linval Thompson

3:20pm: Caroline Says by Suede with Siouxsie Sioux

3:25pm: Akamynithinawizbleezin by Toxik Ephex

3:29pm: Pretty Vacant (Live, Brixton Academy, 2007) by The Sex Pistols

3:34pm: Can’t Kill Hyphy by Mistah F.A.B.

3:37pm: Beer by The People Under The Stairs

3:41pm: Wake Up by The Complicators

3:46pm: Hitler’s In The Charts Again by The Exploited

3:48pm: Greatest Country In The World by NoFX

3:49pm: Anarchy Burger by The Vandals

3:51pm: Antifa Hooligans by The Oppressed

3:58pm: Baggy Trousers by Transplants

4:00pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire


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