Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – The Jank and Middle Class Murder!

Monday, June 3

Today’s episode featured not one but two local bands, The Jank and Middle Class Murder. They stopped by the studio to promote their upcoming joint show on June 15th, at the El Rio! We play generous portions of both bands’ catalogs, so check out the podcast and go out and support live music!

2:04pm: A Little Bit Of Love Can Do by Jeff Bridges

2:08pm: Blowing Myself Away by The Jank

2:09pm: Start by Middle Class Murder

2:23pm: Titties and Beer by The Jank

2:26pm: Pound For Pound by The Aggrolites

2:39pm: Walkie Talkie by Middle Class Murder

2:43pm: Walk Through Walls by The Atom Age

2:44pm: Little Things by Westerly

2:48pm: Devil In Tow by Middle Class Murder

2:57pm: Good Friends Won’t Rip You Off by The Wind Whistles

3:01pm: Marbles by The Spiral Electric

3:07pm: My Only Hope For Heaven by The Jank

3:15pm: Sad Irony by The Jank

3:19pm: Stop In The Name Of This Song by Middle Class Murder

3:23pm: Rock (In) Space by The Jank

3:24pm: Dog In A Fight by Middle Class Murder

3:25pm: Giving Up by Middle Class Murder

3:32pm: No News by The Jank

3:41pm: Drank by The Jank

3:43pm: Think by Middle Class Murder

3:44pm: Dog In A Fight by Middle Class Murder

3:48pm: No News by The Jank

3:52pm: Day Of The Dead by The Jank

3:59pm: Rollercoaster by The Jesus and Mary Chain


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