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The Curated Catastrophe – Anarchy, Oppression, and Smidgens of Humor

Sunday, June 14

We’re back on the air on Radio Valencia with another episode of The Curated Catastrophe. This episode remains fairly topical, exploring themes of anarchy and brutality, leavened (I hope) with a little comedy. There will once again be hip-hop, soul, and reggae, but we might sneak a little folk-punk back into the playlist this week as well.

2:07pm: News Report on Seattle Autonomous Zone

2:08pm: Autonomous Zone by Killing Joke

2:10pm: Guerrillas In The Mist by Consolidated

2:14pm: We Could Get Rid Of The Police (Excerpt 1) by Lee Camp

2:16pm: The World Is On Fire by Max Romeo and Roots Heritage

2:18pm: We Could Get Rid Of The Police (Excerpt 2) by Lee Camp

2:24pm: The Master and the Slave by Nas

2:29pm: How Can We Win? by Kimberly Jones, by David Jones Media

2:34pm: Grinding All my Life by Nipsey Hussle

2:39pm: Blue Lights by Jorga Smith

2:42pm: On Police Brutality by George Carlin

2:45pm: Bulls On Parade by Rage Against The Machine

2:48pm: Message From A Black Man by The Temptations

2:52pm: On Police Brutality by Richard Pryor (1974)

2:54pm: On Police Brutality, Pt. 1 by Dave Chappelle (2003)

2:55pm: The Death Of Emmett Till by Bob Dylan

2:59pm: Civil Rights Update by Michael Che

3:00pm: I Can’t Breathe by Queen Ifrica

3:04pm: Battle Of The Beanfield by The Levellers

3:08pm: Personal Instagram Post by Patrice Washington

3:11pm: Fix You by India Carney

3:17pm: How Long? by Fantastic Negrito

3:20pm: Let’s All Get Down by Mac Dre

3:25pm: On Police Brutality by Richard Pryor (1979)

3:26pm: Law and Order by Stiff Little Fingers

3:29pm: On Police Brutality by Chris Rock

3:32pm: Black Man In A White World by Michael Kiwanuka

3:35pm: Respiration by Black Starr (featuring Common)

3:40pm: Breathe by Nas

3:46pm: Breathe by Fabolous

3:49pm: Breathe by Years and Years

3:54pm: Tear Shit Up by Paris

3:58pm: On Police Brutality, Pt. 2 by Dave Chappelle

3:59pm: Sonata in E Minor (2nd Movement) performed by Michelle Cann, written by Florence Price


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