Malderor & Dr Junk

The Curated Catastrophe – Songs Of Stupidity and Revolution

Sunday, June 28

Malderor is on his own this week, so this episode trends back toward new-and-independent releases, although we’re still keeping things thematic and topical. As such, expect a lot of songs about Stupidity, Dissent, and Revolution. There’s some rock and roll in there too, from Las Cobras, The Vacant Lots, The Music, Funkadelic, and Congo Natty. And maybe a tiny bit of cultural commentary. Podcast link at the bottom.

2:03pm: US Hits All Time High In Coronavirus Cases by News Report

2:03pm: Florida’s Anti-Maskers by News Report

2:04pm: Fucking Stupid People by George Carlin

2:04pm: Take The Long Road And Walk It by The Music

2:08pm: Exit by The Vacant Lots

2:11pm: Never Go Full Retard by Tropic Thunder

2:12pm: The Time Has Come (Live) by Las Cobras

2:18pm: Be The Revolution by Love and Rockets

2:22pm: On Robert Downey Jr’s Blackface by Jamie Foxx

2:23pm: 2020 WTF! by Jim Bob

2:24pm: Strange Days by Beans On Toast

2:28pm: On Science by Carl Sagan

2:29pm: Shit’s Fucked by Eddie Spaghetti

2:33pm: Which Side Are You On? (Remix) by Rebel Diaz feat. Dead Prez and Rakaa Iriscience

2:38pm: Dig It by The Coup

2:42pm: Break The Grip Of Shame by Paris

2:46pm: On Freddie Gray

2:48pm: Freddie Gray Blues by Kevin Devine

2:50pm: Florida’s Anti-Maskers On God by News Report

2:51pm: Stealing In The Name Of The Lord by Paul Kelly

2:54pm: American Stupid People by Dylan Moran

2:55pm: You Weren’t There by New Model Army

2:59pm: Who Wants To Change Places? by Chris Rock

3:00pm: Socialism Is Love by Max Romeo

3:03pm: Revolution by The Cult

3:08pm: EU Considering Ban On US Travelers by News Report

3:09pm: Getaway by The Music

3:17pm: Super Stupid by Funkadelic

3:21pm: Fuck You, Stupid Bitch by Deep Dark Robot

3:26pm: Why Some Cops Become Cops by Kyle Kinane

3:27pm: Plan C by James Davis

3:27pm: Revolution Under Foot by The Reverend Horton Heat

3:32pm: Viva La Revolution by The Adicts

3:35pm: Revolution by Congo Natty

3:41pm: Shut Up And Listen! by Cheap Synths from Talk – Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter

3:43pm: We The People by A Tribe Called Quest

3:46pm: Oakland Streets by Askari X

3:50pm: Why Silence Isn’t The Answer (Excerpt) by James A White

3:51pm: Please Stand Up by British Sea Power

3:54pm: Black Lives Matter by Dax

3:58pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

4:00pm: return to normal schedule.


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