Drinks With Ferrara 02 – 05 October 2011

Wednesday, October 5

I love filling in for Tony Dushane in this time slot, and it’s been a while since my last sub on Drinks With Tony. This is the second round of Drinks With Ferrara, and my programming sensibility leans toward old-school punk, psychedelia and easy listening, with heavy helpings of weirdness and musical derangement for the cocktail hour.

Tonight I led off with a rare BBC recording by perennial faves the Bonzo Dog Band, followed by a set that featured new tracks by Zola Jesus and John Cale amid stretches of post-punk, pop and experimental sounds. The new John Cale five-track EP is a far cry from the classic records of his early career, but good enough to make me look forward to the full-length CD that can’t be far off. The new Zola Jesus album Conatus is great though, a step forward in the direction of the previous CD. I’m excited about her upcoming gig at the Independent next month, having missed her recent visits to the Milk Bar and the Rickshaw Stop.

Then there was some locally produced music from saxophonist David Slusser and Edmund Welles, the world’s only heavy metal bass clarinet quartet. The Slusser recording is a few years old now, and it features Ralph Carney adding additional wind prowess to the tunes. The Edmund Welles track is from their latest CD Imagination Lost, the third one to come from this amazing foursome of fearsomely talented players.

This was a fun show, and I think you’ll enjoy the podcast (especially since we got the kinks all ironed out with regard to the audio problems with the live stream). I love butting the Last Poets up against Ol’ Blue Eyes, and sticking Jackie Gleason in the same set with the Virgin Prunes!

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The playlist gives artist name, song title, and album title (in that order). A space between lines of text indicates the break between sets where track announcements were made.

Playlist for Drinks With Ferrara 02 – 05 October 2011

  • The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band – Give Booze A Chance – The Complete BBC Recordings
  • Ryoji Ikeda – Channel X: Testone / Trans-Missions / This Is A Recording – 1000 Fragments
  • Andrew Liles – Side A (33 RPM): 2662002 / 1931982 / 1921980 / 2591980 – Monster Munch
  • Zola Jesus – Vessel – Conatus
  • Annie Anxiety – Cyanide Tears – Barbed Wire Halo
  • Vanessa And The O’s – Bagatelle – La Ballade d’O
  • John Cale – Hey Ray – EP: Extra Playful
  • Pere Ubu – Sentimental Journey – The Modern Dance
  • The Contortions – I Can’t Stand Myself – No New York (Compilation)
  • Nurse With Wound – Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ – Huffin’ Rag Blues
  • David Slusser – Jazzdeath – Trouble In Tiretown
  • Television – Little Johnny Jewel (Parts 1 & 2) – Marquee Moon
  • Jaap Blonk – Der Minister II – Flux De Bouche
  • Edmund Welles – Watch Me Die – Imagination Lost
  • Henry Mancini – Floating Pad – Mr. Lucky
  • Lothar And The Hand People – Sex And Violence – Presenting Lothar And The Hand People
  • Lisa Germano – Candy – Lullaby For Liquid Pig
  • Annie Anxiety – Hello Horror – Barbed Wire Halo
  • The Last Poets – This Is Madness – This Is Madness
  • Frank Sinatra – I Get A Kick Out Of You – The Best Of The Capitol Years
  • The Virgin Prunes – Dave-Id Is Dead – If I Die, I Die
  • The Dresden Dolls – My Alcoholic Friends – Yes, Virginia
  • Jackie Gleason – Girl, Boy, Dance, Affair – Tawny
  • John Cale – Guts – Slow Dazzle

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