Mindtrain 12 – 18 October 2011

Tuesday, October 18

As I’m typing this blog entry, I’m listening to some amazing music by Gunter Hampel, ripped from out-of-print LPs released during the 60s and 70s and recently downloaded to my computer. This is some truly inspired free jazz, featuring the likes of Jeanne Lee and Marion Brown along with multi-instrumentalist Hampel, and I’ll definitely be playing some of this fine, hard-to-find-or-define music on my program next week.

This week’s show tended toward mostly somber and contemplative contemporary classical, ECM label third-stream jazz, and dark electronic/symphonic pop and ballads, except for some more raucous sounds from Cindytalk and our own Ure Thrall (aka Doktor Sleepless of the Interstellar Nihilism late-night program) toward the end of the show. And because I was pressed for time in putting together the music for tonight’s program (having recently started a full-time temp day job), I played a number of long pieces or song suites from the likes of Jonathan Bepler, Nurse With Wound, and Agnes Buen Garnas with Jan Garbarek.

The longest piece I played was an entire one-hour drone work from a CD collaboration by Finnish hard-edge post-Industrial analog electronic duo Pan Sonic and legendary NYC shamanic minimalist Charlemagne Palestine, released in the year 2000 as part of the limited edition Mort Aux Vaches series of Dutch radio broadcasts of contemporary experimental composers and musicians. Regular listeners of Mindtrain know by now that I’m a big fan of the drone school of minimalism, as I’ve featured long works by La Monte Young, Catherine Christer Hennix, Black To Comm and others on past programs. This untitled work by Pan Sonic and Palestine is a monolithic aural entity, building in harmonic density and volume over the long steady course of the recording. Essential stuff, seldom heard and long out-of-print.

And be sure to tune in next week for some psychically liberating free jazz from Gunter Hampel and company…

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The playlist gives artist name, song title, and album title (in that order). A space between lines of text indicates the break between sets where track announcements were made.

Playlist for Mindtrain 12 – 18 October 2011

  • Cockney Rebel – Mirror Freak – The Human Menagerie
  • Luxuria – Stupid Blood – Beast Box
  • Jonathan Bepler – Air Prelude / Song Of The Vertical Field / Level Glass Nocturne – Cremaster 3 (Original Soundtrack)
  • Marianne Faithfull – Prologue / Sleep – A Secret Life
  • Antlers Mulm – White Tears – Of Withered Sparks
  • John Cage / Stephen Drury – Souvenir – In A Landscape
  • In The Nursery – Elegy – Trinity
  • Agnes Buen Garnas & Jan Garbarek – Margjit Og Targjei Risvollo – Rosensfole
  • John Surman – Not Love Perhaps – Private City
  • A.C. Marias – Some Thing – Time Was
  • Nux Vomica & Voice Of Eye – The First Gate – Fire Of The Unitive Path: Three Rivers
  • Nurse With Wound – The Little Dipper Minus Two (Echo Poeme Sequence No. 1) – The Little Dipper Minus Two (Echo Poeme Sequence No. 1)
  • Crass – Sentiment (White Feathers) – Christ: The Album
  • Heidi Berry – Cradle – Love
  • Pan Sonic & Charlemagne Palestine – Untitled – Mort Aux Vaches
  • Marc Almond & Michael Cashmore – Gabriel – Gabriel & The Lunatic Lover
  • Rykarda Parasol – The Thing They Love – For Blood And Wine
  • Dead Can Dance – Circumradiant Dawn – Spleen And Ideal
  • The Jefferson Airplane – Two Heads – After Bathing At Baxter’s
  • Istvan Marta / Kronos Quartet – Doom, A Sigh – Black Angels
  • Ure Thrall – Premonition 9/11 – Premonition 9/11
  • Cindytalk – Circle Of Shit – In This World
  • Antony And The Johnsons – Mysteries Of Love – I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy
  • Cockney Rebel – Death Trip – The Human Menagerie

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