The Mission Mix

Mission Morning Mix 35

Saturday, June 7

This week we had a big Mission Morning Mix party in the studio. Coffee, tunes, and lots of talk about our benefit. See you tonight at Benders? Thanks to Tio, Geoff, David, and Anniken for joining me!  By the way, this might have been the last Mission Morning Mix, y’all. Stay tuned as I work to reschedule my show because of a new job. Who knows, my show could soon be the Mission Midnight Mix. Big thanks to Geoff who will be covering Friday mornings for the next few weeks.

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This week’s mix featured new tracks from Speak, Best Youth & Moullinex, New Navy, Kimbra, Jenny Lewis, WOODS, The Both, and Bahamas.


  • Gates by Speak 
  • 1998 by Chet Faker
  • In The Shade by Best Youth & Moullinex
  • Heaven by New Navy
  • Perk Up by Happy Fangs (playing our Benefit!) 
  • I Wanna Get Better (RAC Mix) by Bleachers 
  • 90s Music by Kimbra
  • Berlin Lovers by Still Corners
  • The Touch by Mitch Murder
  • Look Away by Lo-Fang from Blue Album
  • Asleep by Mathaverskan from II
  • Just One of the Guys by Jenny Lewis
  • Hey Willy by Shannon & the Clams
  • Tambourine Light by WOODS
  • Listen to Soul, Listen to Blues by Safia from Listen to Soul, Listen to Blues
  • Shine by Felix Jaehn (feat. Freddy Verano & Linying)
  • Milwaukee by The Both (Ticket Giveaway) 
  • Lights by SOHN from Tremors 
  • Not For Long (SAINT PEPSI Remix) by TEEN
  • Be Thankful for What You Got by William DeVaughn
  • Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield 
  • Ungawah by Chow Nasty
  • Witches In The Garden by Hurry Up Shotgun (playing our Benefit!) 
  • Bring You Back by Beacon 
  • All the Time by Bahamas
  • Oubliette by Weekend from Jinx 
  • Evil by Interpol
  • Bedroom Eyes by Dum Dum Girls
  • Our Deal by Best Coast
  • Still by JJ


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