Naked Rob


Saturday, June 7

Aw man, we lost Ann B. Davis this week. Well, my generation knows her better as the maid, Alice in the t.v. show The Brady Bunch. When I was a kid (and I think all the other kids as well), we had out butts in front of that television watching TBB. I remember most of the characters I didn’t like, but Alice was the link that kept it all together. Also, she lived her later years in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas and she was a S.A. SPURS fans too. Her last broadcast interview was on a morning show and she said, GO SPURS GO! She just wasn’t some character on a tv show, she was my hero. RIP!


Thanks for listening everybody. Have a great week and support your local music scene. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC


(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Beige Eagle Boys | I saw your face on the pavement
Pregnancy Scares | Master Race | Mind Control EP
Davidians | Born2Chewz | Davidians 7″
Institute | Bureaucrat | EP
No Problem | The Controller | We’re Already Dead LP
Stoic Violence | Two Faced | Chained LP
Brain F | Sicks | Empty Set LP
Hard Stripes | Pollution | 7″
Cretins | Last Path | Cretins 7″
The Cutthroats 9 | Speak | Dissent
Big Naturals | Screaming Midnight Cowboys/Hear The Night Roar | S/T
Wo-Fat | The Conjuring | The Conjuring
Condominium | Thug | Thug 7″
Ace Frehley | Gimme a Feelin | Space Invader
Toys That Kill | The Nervous Rocks | Viva La Silent Era
Nervosas | Junky | 7″
Street Dogs | We’re Still Here | NOi!se 7″
PUFF! | Identitatsverlust | Identitatsverlust
The Anomalys | Deadline Blues | Deadline Blues
Useless Eaters | Desperate Living | Desperate Living
Meatmen | Dinosaur | Savage Sagas
Thee MVP’s | Amok Time | Oh Sally
Entombed | Bedlam Attack | Back To the Front
The Swan King | Explore The Void | Last So Long
Run With The Hunted | Silent Spring | The Sieve And The Sand
Trap Them | Habitland | Blissfucker
Crobot | Nowhere to Hide | Crobot EP
Catholic Girls | 1996 | Distant
Crowbar | The Taste Of Dying | Symmetry in Black
Permanent Ruin | Endorses A Lifestyle Free Of Racist | 7″
Pinche Dezmadre | Mentally Bruised | Demo
Torch Runner | Clocked In | Committed To The Ground
EYEHATEGOD | Quitter’s Offensive | Eyehategod
Culture Abuse | Clean Skin | The Day Dreams Of Nothing
Black Anvil | Redemption Through Blood | Hail Death
Enabler | Information Overload | La Fin Absolue Du Monde
Young Widows | Doomed Moon | Easy Pain
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

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