Naked Rob


Thursday, June 19

So my hometown basketball team, the San Antonio Spurs beat the Heat in 5 games (almost a sweep) and now are the Champs of the world. What does this have to do about my radio show or music? Absolutely nothing. HA! I’m just proud of the team and my city for being classy mofo’s. The SA fans didn’t burn shit down, destroy property or caused any kind of a ruckus. They just cruised around downtown, honked their horns and yelled out “GO SPURS!” to celebrate the win. They had the river parade for them yesterday too. WOW! Wish i was there, but I’m glad for the internet because I got to see most of the celebration by thousands of fans. Congrats Spurs and SATX! Salud!

Thanks for listening everybody. If you missed the show, you can download or stream this show on iTunes down below. Have a great week and support your local music scene. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC


(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Wo Fat | Read the Omens | The Conjuring
Dark Blue | Just Another Night With The Boys | 7″ Jade Tree Records
Beige Eagle Boys | You Can Make The Beat Go Boom Baby | You’re Gonna Get Yours
Gust | Humility In Disguise | S/T
Corrosion of Conformity | Denmark Vesey | IX
Thee MVP’S | Oh Sally | Oh Sally EP
Goatwhore | Schadenfreude | Constricting Rage of the Merciless
Bowl Ethereal | Twenty Three Exciter Dreams | Bowl Ethereal
Anti Ritual | Slave Dogmatics | S/T
Blackw├╝lf | (un)Frozen In Time | Mind Traveler
Arnocorps | Total Recall | The Greatest Band Ever
Puff | Identitatsverlust | Identitatsverlust EP
Abolition A.D | Enchanted Land | After Death Before Chaos
The Anomalys | Deadline Blues | Deadline Blues EP
Bastard Of The Skies | Yarn | Limited Edition Split
Peelander-Z | Go! Rio! | P-TV-Z
Earth Girls | Drag It Out | Wrong Side of History EP
Skemata | Warhead | Demo
Narcoman | Casualty | Demo
Roy and the Devil’s Motorcycle | You Better Run | Tino Frozen Angel
Useless Eaters | Desperate Living | Desperate Living EP
Tombs | Thanatos | Savage Gold
Frantix | You’re Ill | My Dad’s A Fuckin’ Alcoholic
The Swan King | Closer To The Source | Last So Long
Young Widows | Gift of Failure | Easy Pain
Summoner | Into The abyss | Atlantian LP
Run With The Hunted | Over the Footbridge | The Sieve And The Sand
Trap Them | Gift and Gift Unsteady | Blissfucker
Stalins Of Sound | Tank Tracks | Tank Tracks
Crowbar | Shaman Of Belief | Symmetry in Black
Hobocop | Stench of Death | Half Man Half Cop
Torch Runner | Current | Committed To The Ground
EYEHATEGOD | Nobody Told Me | Eyehategod
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

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