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Thursday, July 17


So we lost the last remaining original Ramone this past weekend, Tommy. If you’re around my age (45) you remember the Ramones back in the 70s and into the 80s very well. They were on top of the world; movies, TV, magazines and of course touring like mother fuckers. We still have members of The Beatles & The Stones that are still fuckin’ alive, but everyone in the Ramones have passed. Tommy was the last one to see and experience how the Ramones have integrated into pop culture musical icons around the world. From Metalheads to Goth to Indi Rockers and everyone else loving the Ramones, they are a house hold name. I even saw CNN & FOX News reporting on Tommy’s death. WOW! If they’re reporting it, it must be a household name. Rest In Peace Tommy, Johnny, Dee Dee & Joey. You guys made me into a Punker and I’m still snotty & dirty as ever. “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” LOS RAMONES PARA LA VIDA!


(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Secret Cutter | Deformed Eye | Self Titled
The Grasshopper Lies Heavy | Medicine Eyes | All Sadness, Grinning Into Flow LP
Tomahawk | M.E.A.T. | 7″
Ultramantis Black | Biomonster DNA | UltraMantis Black
Animal Lover | Please Me | Guilt LP
Electric Funeral | I Am the Dead | Total Funeral
Martyrdöd | En Jobbigt JÑvel | Elddop
Entombed A.D. | Vulture and the Traitor | Back To The Front
PowerTakeOff | Plowshare – Redux | This Is Late LP
SOS | Let Them Come | Strength And Conditioning
Vice Maker | C.B.T. | Vice Maker
Iron Reagan | Miserable Failure | The Tyranny Of Will
Gust | Humility In Disguise | Self Titled
Palm | Filth | The Unusual
Madball | Hardcore Lives | Hardcore Lives
Replica | Crust | Beast EP 7″
Cannibal Corpse | Sadistic Embodiment | Sadistic Embodiment
Electric Wizard | I Am Nothing | Time To Die
The Glorious Rebellion | My Resume is a Suicide Note | The Glorious Rebellion
The Swan King | Returning To Haunt | Last So Long
EYEHATEGOD | Agitation! Propaganda! | Eyehategod
Useless Eaters | I Think She Wants To Find Out | Desperate Living EP
Goatwhore | Reanimated Sacrifice | Constricting Rage Of The Merciless
Frantix | Tomorrow (Demo) | My Dad’s A Fuckin’ Alcoholic
Arnocorps | True Lies | The Greatest Band Of All Time
Heavy Hand | Winner Winner (Beer for Dinner) | Northwoods Knives
Body Futures | That’s So Church | Brand New Silhouettes
Corrosion of Conformity | On Your Way | IX
Beige Eagle Boys | You Ruined Everything | You’re Gonna Get Yours
Mastodon | Once More ‘Round The Sun | Once More ‘Round The Sun
Connoisseur | The Camper | Stoner Justice
Trap Them | Sanitations | Blissfucker
We Are Hex | W.D.M.R.S. | W.D.M.R.S./Tongues 7″
Flexx Bronco | Nightmare | Flexx Bronco
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

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