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Thursday, July 31

10458878_10152221833298671_3048319777828116749_nA few things I like about pop-up record swaps at local bars is that real music lovers are there and no pretentious record collectors. I hate those fucks! I do not like going to record conventions or any of that shit. It smells nasty, old fat guys are there trying to sell some Beatles 45 that nobody cares for, but a group of other old fat guys do. I hate all that shit. I call them the perverts of music collecting. I like the pop-up swaps better. You can get your drink on, your friends will actually go (instead of driving miles to a record convention), the jams are playing and you meet cool people into music that you’re into. The bar is having FREE BBQ and local artist ALAN FREAKIN FORBES will be there selling his art. Anyway, if you’re in San Francisco this Sunday, August the 3rd come on by and say hi. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC

*Come one, come all for our first stab (after a couple false starts) at what we hope will be a regular deal, the HEMLOCK RECORD SWAP, where it’s FREE-FIFTY-FREE TO SELL WITH FREE ADMISSION!
Because who doesn’t like buying records with a little buzz on?
Your bartendress, Shelly, and pals will also be offering FREE BBQ and Shelly’ll be making her famous BLOODY MARYS all afternoon long, and Alan Forbes will be selling gig posters & merch!

Where: Hemlock Tavern (1131 Polk St. , San Francisco, CA)
When: Sunday, August 3rd
Time: 1PM – 7PM


(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
HOD | Den Of Wolves | Book Of The Worm
Pord | Staring Into Space | Wild
Colombian Necktie | Stockholm ’73 | Twilight Upon Us
Cross Examination | Opposite Day  | Dawn Of The Dude
Big Black Cloud | Reptile Brain 2 | Lessons In Fuck You 2
Bullet | Storm Of Blades
Acid Baby Jesus | Vegetable | Vegetable EP
Gog | Before you go we’d love to tear you to fucking pieces | S/T
John Garcia | My Mind | John Garcia
Connoisseur | No Dice | Stoner Justice
Fu Manchu | Radio Source Sagittarius | Gigantoid
Body Futures | Phantom Patterns Arson | Brand New Silhouettes
Heavy Hand | Hot With Dads, Tiger Beat Nation | Northwoods Knives
Arnocorps | Commando | The Greatest Band Of All Time
Goatwhore | FBS | Constricting Rage Of The Merciless
Madball | Doc Marten Stomp | Hardcore Lives
Rabbits | Ever Mind | UnForward
Flexx Bronco | Deathbaby | Flexx Bronco
Disasteratti | We Should Do this Again | Cerebral Hack Artist
I Am Become Death | Cattle Keeper
SOS | Disengage | Strength And Conditioning
Secret Cutter | 17.5 Dead Air | S/T
Pregnancy Scares | The Bait | Mind Control EP
Martyrdöd | Victoria | Elddop
Animal Lover | At The Pool With My Boys | Guilt
Wrong Answer | The World Is Empty | Circle Of Blood
Mortals | Epochryphal Gloom | Cursed to See the Future
No Problem | Talking To Myself | We’re Already Dead
Ultramantis Black | Oil and Gas | UltraMantis Black
powertakeOff | Firing Squads | This Is Late
Downset | Champion | One Blood
Vice Maker | Fuck You Down | Vice Maker
Entombed A.D. | Waiting For Death | Back To The Front
Davidians | Leather(K)nights | Davidians

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  • Malderor says:

    Dagnabbit, I was basically across the street at R Bar, and could have popped over to this if I’d only seen this in time. Damn it all anyway.

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