Naked Rob


Thursday, October 2

Rocktober is here! My favorite time of the year. On my home calendar I already have 15 shows for Metal, Hardcore, Punk Rock & R’N’R written down for this month.! Rocktober is also the start of the MLB Postseason. SF Giants already kicked ass last night and taking on D.C. tomorrow. Bring it on, baby! Oh, I’m forgetting thee most important day of the R0cktober, HALLOWEEN! Like I wrote before, Rocktober is my favorite month except for the heat here in San Francisco. It’s our summer right now. UGH!

I didn’t do a radio show this week, but next week’s show will be Rockin’. I’ll have the Motor City Rockers, AGAINST THE GRAIN in studio. Can’t wait. Have a good weekend and support your local indi music scene.
CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC


(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Electric Wizard | Incense for the Damned | Time To Die
Blind Shake | Old Lake | Breakfast of Failures
At the Gates | At War with Reality | At War With Reality
Voight Kampff | Last House On the Right | 7″ (Deranged Records)
Godflesh | Imperator | A World Lit Only By Fire
SSS | Deadwood | Limp.Gasp.Collapse
Baptists | Calling | Bloodmines
Philm | Fan Boy | Fire From The Evening Sun
Altamont | Ezy Rider (Jimi Hendrix) | Civil War Fantasy LP (Reissue)
Today Is The Day | Masada | Animal Mother
Amulet | Evil Cathedral | The First
Sick Thoughts | Try Not To | Fat Kid With A 10 Inch
A-Town Sluts | It All Really Sucks | Steal Your Drugs
Torch Runner | Bound By Misery | Endless Nothing
The Stops | Repulsive | The Stops
Beastmilk | Blood Under The Mill | White Stains on Black Wax
Ides Of Gemini | Fememorde | Old World New Wave
The Monsieurs | We Are Wolves | The Monsieurs
Crucified | Conduit | Dead Of Sleep
Gino and The Goons | I Like It Like That | Shake It
Hammerhead | Santa Prisca | Global Depression                                     Total Abuse | Looking For Love | Looking For Love 7″
Sick Of It All | 2061 | The Last Act Of Defiance
Cowards | Where Lies The Anchor | Hoarder EP
Lo-Pan | Colossus | Colossus
Sorxe | Her Majesty | Surrounded By Shadows
Hassler | Affluenza | Fed, Worked and Watered
The New Flesh | Insignificance | The Absurd
The Flex | The New Blood | Wild Stabs In The Dark
Society Sucker | The Hangman | Society Sucker
Columns | Drifter Aftermath | Please Explode
Cannibal Corpse | Icepick Lobotomy | A Skeletal Domain
Iron Reagan | I Won’t Go | The Tyranny of Will
Auslander | Never Give It Up | Auslander
Gust | Unease | Gust
Methmouth | Dull//Mind | Tragic Film Split
Sorxe | Her Majesty | Surrounded By Shadows
Iron Youth | Fifth Column | Iron Youth 7″
The Phuss | At the Bottom | On the Prowl
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

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