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Thursday, October 9

So this week’s radio show I had in studio, AGAINST THE GRAIN from the Motor City of Detroit MI. These guys are straight up Motor City Rock and Roll just like their peers of the past (MC5, The Stooges, Bob Seger, Ted Nugent). I kept bringing up the questions of living in Detroit and they really love their hometown. If you live in a city that is half empty, the cops rarely care about crime, very low income, but the nightlife and the music scene thrives like no other, that is a good reason for staying and helping it move forward. Keeping the music scene alive and use your environment to express that in your music, no bullshit could take that away. I’ve only been to Detroit once, but I felt the energy of all the hard working people in Hockey Town and now I can see how it all paid off with RNR . You can’t stop Detroit, but please somebody, save Madonna’s childhood house. We need it! HA!

1920261_10152719079202627_597884262_nOn next week’s radio show, Mr. Dale Crover of the Melvins will be calling in. We’ll be talking about the new album (which drops next Tuesday), their upcoming US tour and the two new members of the band, Paul Leary & JD Pinkus of the Butthole Surfers. Since I’m from San Antonio, it’s also where Paul & Gibby met to start the Butthole Surfers and it’s been sort of my dream to see a collaboration between two of my favorite bands that rarely played together throughout the years (up until a few years ago). Also in studio and joining Dale & I will be Bob Hannam. Bob is co-director of the official MELVINS documentary that will be coming out in 2015. He will explain how & why he got into it, where the film is at right now and all the fun it is gathering all the history of a band that started 31 years ago. He’ll have a few good stories for us. I swear. This will be a a huge event for any MELVINS fan.

10635800_10152488439230939_7739510767053896850_nThanks everybody for your support and remember to download or stream my podcast if you missed my show right down bellow. Have a great weekend and be cool. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC


(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini

Blackwulf | Acid Reign | split 7″

Dystopia | Ignorance Of Pride | Human = Garbage (reissue)



Chris & Kyle of AGAINST THE GRAIN (Detroit MI)

Against The Grain | Surrounded By Snakes | Surrounded By Snakes

Against The Grain | Get In The Van | Surrounded By Snakes


John Schooley | Clawhammer Banjo Medley | The Man

Orange Goblin  | Sabbath Hex | Back From The Abyss

Wormwood | Hollow Black Eyes | Wormwood


Godflesh | New Dark Ages | A World Lit Only By Fire

Riwen | Nature Calls Us Back | Riwen

Society Sucker | Repeat Offender | Society Sucker

Electric Wizard | Time To Die | Time To Die

Amulet | Glint of the Knife | The First

The Hares | Song About A Girl | Smoking In Bed

A-Town Sluts | Fog Of War | Steal Your Drugs


Churchwood | Cain | 3: Trickgnosis

Gust | Crack The Skies | Gust

Torch Runner | Congregation | Endless Nothing

Auslander | Total Fucked Up Mess | Auslander

Crucified | Unworthy | Dead Of Sleep

Hammerhead | Like A Wizard V1 | Global depression

Sick Of It All | Road Less Traveled | The Last Act Of Defiance

Iron Reagan | Eyeball Gore | The Tyranny of Will

Cannibal Corpse | Vector of Cruelty | A Skeletal Domain

Against The Grain | Outta Touch | Surrounded By Snakes

(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

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