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Thursday, February 12

Hey hey! This past weeks radio show I did my yearly BLOODY VALENTINES DAY episode and it was 3 hours this time. I haven’t done a 3 hour show since my days at KSCU 103.3FM and it felt pretty good. It felt a little longer and I still had music left over to do a 3 hour and 15 minute show. HA! Hope you all have a good Valentines Day if you’re into that and hope you do something other than giving chocolates and flowers. Aw fuck it, if it gets you laid then go for it. HA! Valentines


Two weeks ago I was privileged to interview on the phone, Jenny from the L.A. band, Dirty Dishes. Dirty Dishes has a little bit of everything we like all rolled up into one. They’re a little Noise Poppy, a little Gothy, a little Shoegazey and a little 90’s Indi Rock. They have a new album out now called, ‘Guilt’ and will be doing a tour towards SXSW next month. I recommend you see them. Cheers!

Here’s my latest TOP 5 from RAZORCAKE #84. Remember, Razorcake is a nonprofit DIY magazine that educates people in independent music for the last 15 years. Please spread it around to your friends or even advertise in it. Razorcake is here for you & I. Cheers!



Thanks everybody for your time and support. Please keep sending those bands to me and spread the word to your friends new band, record label or even a promotional company. Tell them that a cool radio station lies in San Francisco that is 24/7 and is open format as well. Have a good weekend and a Happy Bloody Valentines. Cheers! ~ Naked Rob, SFC



(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Warhorse | Doom’s Bride | As Heaven Turns To Ash… + I Am Dying (Reissue)
Fashion Week | Fendi Bender | Prêt-à-Porter
Taken By The Sun | Scars | Taken By The Sun
The Inspector Cluzo | Hello Goodbye Education | Gasconha Rocks
Primitive Man | Loathe | Home Is Where The Hatred Is EP
Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth | Lava | Brother Of The Sonic Cloth
Ufomammut | Temple | Ecate
Gehennah | Metal Police | Metal Police
Motor Sister | A Hole | Ride
Necrowretch | Feast Off Their Doom | With Serpents Scourge
Venom | The Death Of Rock N Roll | From The Very Depths
In Defence | Unholy Water | single
Halshug | Afmagt | Blodets Bånd
Muscle and Marrow | Ritual | The Human Cry
Exhumed | Open The Abscess | Gore Metal: A Necrospective 1998 – 2015
Muck | Provoke Me | Your Joyous Future
LOAD | Drunken Warrior Chief | Drunken Warrior Chief (reissue)
Dreadlords | Dreadlords Cometh | Death Angel
Sick Feeling | Natural Ice | Suburban Myth
Lord Dying | The Clearing at the End of The Path | Poisoned Altars
Elephant Rifle | Frat Poison | (We’ve Got) Fiends In Low Places
Gristnam | Embedded | Even Less
CDC | Dying Legend | End
Priscilla Ford | Shoot The Rent | The Blackout Club
Solanum | Manipulated | Passages To Lunacy Split
Melvins | Anaconda | Bullhead (reissue)
Discourse | Maintained By Force | Sanity Decays
Shock Diamond | Double | 3 Songs
Cowards | Low Esteem | Rise To Infamy
Xibalba | Tierra Y Libertad | Tierra Y Libertad
Napalm Death | Timeless Flogging | Apex Predator – Easy Meat
Night Demon | Livin’ Dangerous | Curse Of The Damned
Epi-Demic | Nuclear Dream | Passages To Lunacy Split
Culture Abuse | Take It Out on Yourself | The Day Dreams of Nothing
Baring Teeth | The Great Unwashed | Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins
Karma To Burn | Fifty Five | Arch Stanton
Crack House | March Of The Crackhead | The Hits Just Keep On Coming
The Grannies | Corner of Fuck and You | Ballsier
Really Red | Too Political | Teaching You The Fear: The Complete Collection 1978-1985
Dirty Dishes | Thank You Come Again | Guilty
Nots | Black Mold | We Are Nots
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini



(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Luke Skywalker | the birthday song (birthday request)
Venom | From The Very Depths | From The Very Depths
Cancer Bats | True Zero | True Zero – radio single
Halshug | Gudsforladt | Blodets Bånd
LOAD | Bolt of Lead | Drunken Warrior Chief (reissue)
Exhumed | Necromaniac | Gore Metal: A Necrospective 1998 – 2015
Lord Dying | A Wound Outside of Time | Poisoned Altars
Violation Wound | First Times Never Last | Grime! Greed! Gore! Split CD
Jenny of Dirty Dishes
Dirty Dishes | Red Roulette | Guilty
The Ladies | Can’t Come In | Blow Your Mind
ELO | Evil Women | The Essentials (birthday request)
First Class Elite | Weak Mind | Grime! Greed! Gore! Split CD
Cowards | Birth Of The Sadistic Son | Rise To Infamy
Last Days of Ancient Sunlight | Volcano | S/T
Crack House | Junkie Fucker | The Hits Just Keep On Coming
Nots | Strange Rage | We Are Nots
Solanum | Friendly Civil Servant | Passages To Lunacy Split
Night Demon | Heavy Metal Heat | Curse Of The Damned
Dirty Dishes | Thank You Come Again | Guilty
The Grannies | Hillbilly With Knife Skills | Ballsier
Napalm Death | Stubborn Stains | Apex Predator – Easy Meat
Priscilla Ford | Don’t Come Around | The Blackout Club
Karma To Burn | Fifty Four | Arch Stanton
Culture Abuse | My Only Sunshine | The Day Dreams of Nothing
Dead In The Manger | Part IV | Cessation
CDC | End | End
Discourse | Losing Game | Sanity Decays
Teeph | Church Vape Sesh | various artists: (We’ve Got) Fiends In Low Places
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

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