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Sunday, June 7

11334128_10153254823170041_3879585235370141783_oJoin me on my radio show this Tuesday the 9th at 4PM PST while I have Jon Fine, the author of a new book, “Your Band Sucks: What I Saw At Indie Rock’s Revolution.” He is currently on his book tour and stopping here in San Francisco on Wednesday the 10th at our very own Aquarius Records in the Mission District. Listen to the stream at

I’ll be giving away his new book as well to a few lucky callers courtesy of Penguin Books. Thank you, PB. So listen in and remember the good old days when your band got paid in beer and chips. HA! Cheers! ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA

A memoir charting thirty years of the American independent rock underground by a musician who knows it intimately. Fine tracks how the indie-rock underground emerged and evolved, how it grappled with the mainstream and vice versa, and how it led many bands to an odd rebirth in the 21 st  Century in which they reunited, briefly and bittersweetly, after being broken up for decades. Like Patti Smith’s Just KidsYour Band Sucks is a unique evocation of a particular aesthetic moment. With backstage access to many key characters in the scene—and plenty of wit and sharply-worded opinion—Fine delivers a memoir that affectionately yet critically portrays an important, heady moment in music history.”




(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Kinski | I Fell Like A Fucking Flower | 7 (or 8)
Thrust | Overdrive | Fist Held High (collection reissue)
Scalped | Burning Wind | North American Tour CS
Årabrot | Time To Pull The Sticks | You Bunch of Idiots
Goatsnake | Elevated Man | Black Age Blues
All Out War | Dying Gods | Dying Gods
Culture Abuse | Nicotine | Spray Paint the Dog
The Stops | Black & White | Nameless Faces
Sonny Vincent and Rocket From The Crypt | Through My Head | Vintage Piss LP
Ecstatic Vision | Don’t Kill the Vibe | Sonic Praise
The Soft Moon | Far | Deeper
Weedeater | Joseph (All Talk) | Goliathan
White Manna | Dunes I | Pan
IIlsa | 25 Cromwell | The Felon’s Claw
Ufomammut | Daemons | Ecate
***ticket winner: Tony from SF***
Paradise Lost | No Hope In Sight | The Plague Within
Noisem | Burning | Blossoming Decay
Loud Boyz | Hard Feelings | Tough Love, Hard Feelings
Demon Lung | Behold, The Daughter | A Dracula
Genocide Pact | Submission Reigns | Forged Through Domination
Needs | Clowns to the Left of Me, Dzhokhars to the Right | Needs
Wooden Stake | Exorcising The Possessed | A Feast Of Virgin Souls
Faith No More | Separation Anxiety | Sol Invictus
King Parrot | Hell Comes Your Way | Dead Set
Nopes | Jingle Berries | Nectar of the Dogs
Cloud Rat | Botched | Qliphoth
Dirty Fences | These Freaks | Full Tramp
Red Death | Strategic Mass Delirium | Permanent Exile
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

PLAYLIST | MAY 26, 2015


(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
White Manna | Pan | Pan
Genocide Pact | Induction | Forged Through Domination
Weedeater | Cain Enabler | Goliathan
IIlsa | Oubliette | The Felon’s Claw
Action Swingers | Kicked In the Head | Quit While You’re Ahead (reissue)
Kinski | Flight Risk | 7 (or 8)
Noisem | Trail Of Perturbation | Blossoming Decay
Wooden Stake | A Feast Of Virgin Souls | A Feast Of Virgin Souls
Throat | Polio Stance | Short Circuit
Temple Of Dagon | The Evocation | Revelations Of The Spirit
Nashville Pussy | Rub It To Death | Ten Years of Pussy
Entrails | The Grotesque | Obliteration
The Stops | Black & White | Nameless Faces
Low Point Drains | Out Of Coke | Out Of Coke EP
King Giant | The One That God Forgot To Save | Black Ocean Waves
Cloud Rat | Seken | Qliphoth
Loud Boyz | Knives | Tough Love, Hard Feelings
Needs | Walk, Cycle or Take Transit Like Jehu | Needs
Faith No More | Sunny Side Up | Sol Invictus
Kings Destroy | Mr. O | Kings Destroy
Red Death | Permanent Exile | Permanent Exile
Dirty Fences | Give Me A Kiss | Full Tramp
Ruby The Hatchet | Demons | Valley Of The Snake
Wand | Cave In | Golem
High On Fire | The Black Plot
WVRM | Cry Baby | Swarm Sound
Deathwish | Six Bullet Roulette | Out For Blood
Multicult | Jaws | Variable Impulse
Ufomammut | Temple | Ecate
The Beaumonts | Say What You Want | Get Ready For The Beaumonts

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