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Thursday, December 17

Hey hey! So much going on right now during this joyous time. I’m not even thinking about Christmas that much. Why you ask? STAR FUCKIN’ WARS IS ON MY MIND! The new movie is taking me back to when I saw all the originals as a kid. 1977, 1980 & 1983 were good fuckin’ years. WOW! I’m going to see it twice this weekend too. I wish though I didn’t lose my Star Wars folder I had. I had all my fan club shit in it. Fan club magazines, colored photos of each character, comics, drawings I did and more. Anyway, good times now to see a new beginning of Star Wars and still in love with it. WHOO!!

The year is ending in a few weeks and so I did a BEST OF 2015 TERRIBLE TUESDAY radio show in two parts. I could not squeeze in every band I wanted so please, don’t be mad if your band is not on my playlists. I did a honorable mentions column and hope that helps the pain. HA!

Here’s my new TOP 5 for Razorcake Magazine #88. If you want new music to hear and impress your friends with, check out the bands on my TOP 5. I love RZRCK! They’re also having their yearly fundraiser. Please donate at They don’t do this shit for free. Thanks.

I’m also taking the next two weeks off from the radio station. Work is crazy for me at this time of year and I have a “to do list” for my house. Plus it’ll give me some time away from music, the internet and concentrate on shit I want to do for next year. I’ll be back on the airwaves January the 5th of 2016.

THANK YOU EVERYBODY that contributed music for my radio show and the station this year. 2015 was a blast. So many good bands, good albums, good interviews and good shows happened this year. Next year even looks better. Hope you and your family have a splendid holiday season. Hope you get what you want for Christmas and party down for NYE! Be safe out there and have fun. Thanks again and HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL! CHEERS! Your friend, DJ Naked Rob


(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Crack House | Crack House | The Hits Just Keep On Coming
Karma To Burn | Fifty Seven | Arch Stanton
Culture Abuse | Happy Ending | The Day Dreams of Nothing
The Grannies | Wade in Bloody Water | Ballsier
Solanum | Welcome To Our Homemade Hell | Passages To Lunacy Split
Napalm Death | Metaphorically Screw You | Apex Predator – Easy Meat
Night Demon | Screams In The Night | Curse Of The Damned
Xibalba | Guerrila | Tierra Y Libertad
Discourse | Cure | Sanity Decays
Melvins | Hog Leg | Eggnog / Lice All
Priscilla Ford | Comedown | The Blackout Club
CDC | End | End
Lord Dying | Poisoned Altars | Poisoned Altars
Halshug | Gudsforladt | Blodets Bånd
Venom | The Death Of Rock N Roll | From The Very Depths
Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth | Lava | Brother Of The Sonic Cloth
Sick Feeling | Liberal Arts | Suburban Myth
Torche | Bishop in Arms | Restarter
Ufomammut | Plouton | Ecate
Fossils | Deadringer (Bredahl) | The Meating
Abyss | Chained To Extinction | Heretical Anatomy
Multicult | Ungrounded | Variable Impulse
Poison Idea | Bog | Confuse & Conquer
Hot Lunch | Slappy Sunday | Slappy Sunday EP
Geronimo! | They Put A Hook Inside Of Me | Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol. 4 – Why Did You Leave Me?
Deathwish | Out For Blood | Out For Blood
Wand | The Unexplored Map | Golem
Cherubs | Crashing The Ride | 2 Ynfynyty
Dirty Fences | Deep In Your Heart | Full Tramp
Red Death | Ruinous Wrath | Permanent Exile
Kings Destroy | Green Diamonds | Kings Destroy
Faith No More | Separation Anxiety | Sol Invictus
Needs | Walk, Cycle or Take Transit Like Jehu | Needs
Loud Boyz | Loud Boyz in Love | Tough Love, Hard Feelings
IIlsa | Oubliette | The Felon’s Claw
Weedeater | Bully | Goliathan
Sonny Vincent and Rocket From The Crypt | It’s Not Your Fault | Vintage Piss
Kinski | Drink Up and Be Somebody | 7 (or 8)
Hot Blood | Rust | Overcome Part 1
Fight Amp | I Perceive Reptoids | Constantly Off
Ambassador Gun | Invaders | Tomb Of Broken Sleep
Sweet Cobra | Blue Rose | Earth


(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Meatwound | Meat Pack | Addio
Yuth Forever | Alone | Freudian Slip
Zebras | The Garden | The City Of Sun
Destination Lonely | Gonna Break | No One Can Save Me
Carlton Melton | Perdiddle | Out to Sea
On Top | 282 | Topless
In Defence | Grill And Be Grilled | Don’t Fuck With The Dungeon Master
Deathrite | Salute To Death | Revelation of Chaos
Mutoid Man | Surveillance | Bleeder
Forced Order | Blind To Trust | Vanished Crusade
Jonny Manak And The Depressives | Powder to Blow | Cold Pizza and Warm Beer
Against The Grain | Run for Your Life | Road Warriors
Razorbats | Betty Boop | Camp Rock
Bleach Everything | Free Inside | Free Inside
Motörhead | Electricity | Bad Magic
Ramming Speed | The Life We Choose | No Epitaphs
Cropsy Maniac | No Longer Human | Four Paths To Horror Split
Bastard Grave | Stalker | What Lies Beyond
Yautja | Thankful; Appalled | Songs of Lament
Night Birds | In the Red / In the Black | Mutiny at Muscle Beach
Solanum | Narcotic Collapse | Into The Sinner Circle
Golden Void | Dervishing | Berkana LP
Irata | Skin | Sweet Loris
Wizard Eye | My Riposte Is Like Lightning | Wizard Eye
Pigs | Make Sure To Forget | Wronger
Germ Bomb | Stench | Under Fading Sun
The Intelligence | Whip My Valet | Vintage Future
Flowers Of Evil | Throw Fists, Not Fits | Flowers Of Evil
Clutch | Noble Savage | Psychic Warfare
Pronto | Static Pragmatics | Pronto
Battalion Of Saints | Darkness | Battalion Of Saints
Die Choking | Shake My Hand, Bow Down & Die | III
Extreme Noise Terror | Dogma, Intolerance, Control | Extreme Noise Terror
Van Buren Wheels | (She Got) Green Eyes | Van Buren Wheels
Sultan Bathery | Right On | Right On EP
Blacklisters | I Knock Myself Out | Adult
Nervous Curtains | How to Survive the End of Time | CON
USA Nails | Palm Them Off With Me | No Pleasure
Ex-Breathers | Forced Binaries | Past Tense
Spray Paint | Ian’s Theme | Punters On A Barge
Oaf | Clean Slate | S/T
Desgraciados | Caos | Humanidad En La Obcuridad EP
Destruction Unit | Proper Decay | Negative Feedback Resistor
Scalped | Burden | 2nd EP
Wailin Storms | Mystery Girl | One Foot In The Flesh Grave
Helmsplitter | The Ancients Beneath | Great Violence And Hidden Depths Split Album
Fuzz | Red Flag | II
Shadows in the Cracks | Timeless | Shadows in the Cracks
Mohicans | Bixbi | Mohicans
TV Freaks | Thirteen | Bad Luck Charms
Gino and the Goons | Let Go | Check This Out EP
Helta Skelta | Modern Lover | Beyond the Black Stump
Fucking Invincible | Ditched | I Hate Myself And Want You To Die
Conflicted | OBDC | Under Bio-lence

***HONORABLE MENTIONS (ran out of time)***
Dale Crover 7″
Windhand | Grief’s Infernal Flower | Relapse Records
Black Breath | Slaves Beyond Death | Southern Lord Recordings
Jack Dalton | Past swallows Love | Self Destructo Records
Saviours | Palace Of Vision | Listenable Records
Kylesa | Exhausting Fire | Season Of The Mist Records
VHS | Hi-Fi Horror | Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Under the Church | Rabid Armageddon | Pulverised Records
Wilderness Dream | S/T | Creator-Destructor Records
Polyon | Blue EP | Funny/Not Funny Records
Mountain Of Wizard | Casting Rhythms and Disturbances | Self-Released
Vastum | Hole Below | 20 Buck Spin Records
Sofy Major | Waste | Solar Flare Records
Grave | Out Of Respect For The Dead | Century Media
Iron Maiden | The Book of Souls | BMG
Nightfell | Darkness Evermore | 20 Buck Spin Records
The Oxford Coma | Paris Is Mine | Self-Released
Ecstatic Vision | Sonic Praise | Relapse Records
Enabler | Fail To Feel Safe | Century Media
Acid King | Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere

Robert Gongora
San Francisco, California

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