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Thursday, February 4


This past weeks Terrible Tuesday Radio Show, I had ALL THREE MEMBERS of Altamont (Dale Crover of (the) Melvins, Joey Osbourne of Acid King & Dan Southwick) in studio for 90 minutes. It was a really fun & insightful interview I’ve ever had. Dale was making his 7th appearance on my radio show and two of those in studio. Joey was making his 4th in studio and for Dan, it was his first, but the not the last. Be sure to check out the podcast of the show down below. Just click the podcast icon and download or stream it. Thanks.

Altamont got back together once again to make up for a make up show that didn’t happened at the end of 2015. Once again, the show is presented by Valley King Records/Secret Serpents and the showcase is coming up this Saturday, February 6th at Thee Parkside here in San Francsico. The shows bill consists of PORN – Tim Moss on guitar, Dale Crover on drums and Bill Gould (Faith No More) on bass and OLDER SUN (on Valley King Records). The showcase will also have new works by Alan Forbes, posters, merch and record giveaways! Come out to the “Super Bowl” of a show in San Francisco and Rock Out!

Thanks everybody for your time and support. Please keep sending those bands to me and spread the word to your friends new band, record label or even a promotional company about me and Radio Valencia. Our radio station is 24/7 and open format as well. Have a good Super Bowl Weekend. Cheers! ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA

***PLAYLIST | FEBRUARY 2, 2016***


(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
***Dope, Guns & Fucking In The Streets: 1988-1998 Volume 1-11 reissue***
U-Men |Bad Little Woman
The Thrown Ups | Traffic Accident Sex
Lonely Moans | Lots ‘O Life
Helios Creed | The Last Laugh
Surgery | Action Candy
Cows | Almost a God
Halo Of Flies | Insecticide Stomp
Mudhoney | Twenty Four
Tar | Antlers
God Bullies | Tell Me
Tad | Habit & Necessity
God Bullies | Mussolini
King Snake Roost | My Zippo
Dale Crover/Melvins, Joey Osbourne/Acid King, Dan Southwick
Altamont | Civil War Fantasy | Civil War Fantasy
Altamont | Saint Of All Killers | Our Darling
Dale Crover | Big Uns | 7″
Altamont | Bitch Slap | Civil War Fantasy


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