Naked Rob


Thursday, June 9


So yeah, this month marks 16 years in radio here in San Francisco & The Bay Area. Also, this past weeks radio show marks my #666th radio show as well. I still remember the first band I played on KSCU 103.3FM. It was TERRORIZER! HA! So many good bands have come and gone in the last 16 years that I’ve liked, some I’ve got to interview and become friends with. Radio has taken me around the world and they’ve come to me as well. I still get music sent to me by postal from all over the world. If it wasn’t for your emails, your postings on Myspace, FB and other social media sites, I would’ve stopped a long time ago. HA! I met so many other radio DJ’s, writers, magazine writers, bloggers, artists and just people from around the country too because of being in radio. Some are still friends with me. I wanna thank all the bands, promotion companies, booking agents and you, my friends that have hooked me up and keep supporting my fun habit. I hope I’m around for another 16-6-6- years. Thank you. CHEERS! ~ DJ Naked Rob


Here’s my new TOP 5 from Razorcake Magazine issue #92. Todd Taylor, the editor of Razorcake I met because of radio. I got him and his punk posse of writers onto my radio show and now I have a little part in the RZRCK family. Take a chance and listen to these bands when you’re doing the garden, cooking and or attending a dinner party. You and your friends will go crazy over them. Trust me. Remember, Razorcake is a non-profit Punk Rock ‘zine. They’re always looking for good people to participate and taking donations at anytime. Check them out


Thanks everybody for your time and support. Please keep sending those bands to me and spread the word to your friends,  your friends band, record label pals or even a promotional company. Our radio station is 24/7 and open format as well. Have a good weekend and be cool. Cheers! ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA



(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Netherlands | Dots | Audubon
Bad Future | Synthetic Skin | Bad Future
Rathaus | St. Barts | Rathaus Rathaus Rathaus
Sonic Wolves | He Said | He Said 7″
Vices | Dark Made Flesh | Volume None
Swamp | Burning Down | Swamp
Mizery | One Kiss | Discrimination Of Eye
Red Dons | Amman (before the bomb) | Dead Hand Of Tradition
Methra | Silverbar | Acolyte
Hesitation Wounds | Bleach | Awake for Everything
Throttlerod | Bait Shop | Turncoat
It’s Not Night: It’s Space | Across the Luster of the Desert Into the Polychrome Hills | Our Birth Is But A Sleep And A Forgetting
Poison Headache | Pity the Backseat | Poison Headache
Beldam | Blackened Violet | Still The Wretched Linger
Psychic Heat | Des Tortion | Sunshower
Cloak | The Hunger | Boris Records7″
Paranoid | Umerarenai Fujyun | Satyagraha
Sarabante | A Day With No Sun To Rise | Poisonous Legacy
Hard Charger | Dragged to Hell | Bad Omens
Cough | Possession | Still They Pray
Alaric | Adore | End Of Mirrors
Kvelertak | 1985 | Nattesferd
Weekend Nachos | Dog Shit Slave | Apology
Honky | Double Fine | Corduroy
Musket Hawk | The Grove | Desolate
Moral Values | Appetite For Discussion | Picnic In A Mindfield
Okkultokrati | Let the Sun Receive Her King | Snake Reigns/Night Jerks
Wrong | Mucilage | Wrong
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

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