Naked Rob


Wednesday, August 2

Thanks for listening to my radio show and being here at my new time as well. I’m liking the 2-4PM PST more and more. I’ll decide soon if I want this slot time. Anyway, if you missed this show (or any other), go to the website at and click on the podcast page. You can stream or download all my shows. In the meantime, listen to yesterday’s show down below.
Pictured here is French musician, Françoise Hardy. She did some radio here and there back in the day. I bet she was good at it. Hubba Bubba! HA! Thanks for listening to the show. Have a good week. CHEERS! ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA


(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Dale Crover | Hillbilly Math | The Fickle Finger Of Fate
Black Beach | Cluttered Head | Play Loud Die, Vol II EP
Myrkur | Ulvinde | Mareridt
No Funeral | Infection | split LP
Silence Equals Death | Peacemaker | End Times
Transit Method | Snake Wine (featuring Mike Wiebe) | We Won’t Get Out Of Here Alive
Hot Ram | Pink Droid | Leave A Beautiful Corpse
Lower Slaughter | Bone Meal | What Big Eyes
The Cowboy | The Cowboy | The Cowboy
Shooting Guns | French Safe | Flavour Country
Critic Dummies | Cops On Bikes | Tearing Out My Nails
Kaspar Hauser | Enigma | Kaspar Hauser
Dark/Light | In Our Dreams | Kill Some Time
Katastrof | Flaska | Leenden | S/T EP
R.I.P. | The Other Side | Street Reaper
Howling Giant | The Pioneer | Black Hole Space Wizard (Part 2)
Dead Cross | Idiopathic | Dead Cross
The Necromancers | Necromancers | Servants Of The Salem Girl
Laces Out | Will to Become | Laces Out
Anthropic | Blacked Out | Anthropic
Phylactery | Wisdom Of Heretics | Necromancy Enthroned
On Top | Everything | Top Dollar
The Chinchees | Grocery Bag | The Chinchees
Bat$hit!crazy | They Live. We Sleep | ep.1
The Judge | Changing World | Tell It To The Judge
M.O.D. | Busted, Broke & American | Busted, Broke, And American
Rescue Rangers | Malcontent | Join Hate
Melvins | Cardboa Negro | A Walk with Love and Death – Death
Expulsion | Funeral Bells | Nightmare Future
Integrity | Burning Beneath the Devils Cross | Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume
Bloodclot | Soldiers of the New Babylon | Up in Arms
Super Thief | books w/ no pages | Stuck
Municipal Waste | Parole Violators | Slime And Punishment
The Rippers | So Loud | A Gut Feeling
Mordatorium | Catastrophe | Obsessed With Death
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Honey Bucket

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