Naked Rob


Wednesday, August 30

Thanks for listening everybody. If you missed the show, click on the player down below or go to the podcast page at In the photo, a Rockin’ DJ (unknown) back in the day at WHFB in Benton Harbor Michigan and an RCA 70 turntable. Very cool back then. Have a good week and be cool. CHEERS! ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA


(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Lords Of Altamont | Like A Bird | The Wild Sounds Of The Lords Of Altamont
Implore | Untouchable Pyramid | Sunjagate (Germany)
The Moth | Hysteria | Hysteria (Germany)
Radio Moscow | New Beginning | New Beginnings
Overdose Support | Restarting | Try Dying (Finland)
Black Mare | Femme Couverte | Death Magick Mother
Alabaster | Questioning Caesar | Time To Get A Job (France)
Permission | Contagious | Contagious Life
The Discussion | Like Rain | 2017 EP
Ruby The Hatchet | Gemini | Planetary Space Child
Lunglust | Slave To Faith | War At Home
Plaque Marks | Plaque Marks | Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship
Dälek | Nothing Stay Permanent | Endangered Philosophies
Lifetime Shitlist | Beach of Death | Slow March
The Cowboy | Sneaking Leaker | The Cowboy Album
The Lumes | Anguish | Envy (Germany)
Citric Dummies | Activist Stud | Tearing Out My Nails
War Cloud | Give’r | War Cloud
GWAR | Fuck This Place | The Blood of Gods
Rebel Wizard | One I Know | The Warning Of One EP
Motorhead | Breaking The Law | Under Cover
Paradise Lost | The Longest Winter | Medusa
Tunic | Shaking Hands | Boss
Converge | I Can Tell You About Pain | The Dusk In Us
Sites N’ Sounds | T | The Night Is So Dark EP
Midnite Hellion | Rip It Up | Condemned To Hell
Turqouiz Noiz | Stoner | Sweat Lodge
Essex Muro | Crosswalk | Numb Life
Dutchguts | Snake Piss | Split CD
Blaha | All My Cells | Fresh Horse EP
Chained To The Dead | Beast From The East | Split CD
U-Men | Dig It | U-Men (anthology reissues)
Terrorizer | After World Obliteration | World Downfall (LP reissue)
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

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