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#716 | J.C. R.I.P. | SEPTEMBER 12, 2017

Wednesday, September 13

Hey hey, everybody. Thank you for listening to today’s radio show on Radio Valencia. I had a good time. The podcast of this show will be right below or download/stream all my past shows at
(in the photo) Johnny Cash and Ersel Hickey listening to records backstage before a show in White Plains, NY. Had to play JC on today’s show to honor him. He is dearly missed. R.I.P. Thanks again for listening and see you all back next week. CHEERS! ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA

#716 | J.C. R.I.P. | SEPTEMBER 12, 2017


***Johnny Cash | Folsom Prison Blues | Live at Folsom Prison 1957 (R.I.P.)
(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Lung Letters | Passing Days | Passing Days EP
All Pigs Must Die | A Caustic Vision | Hostage Animal
Black Beach | Nothing’s Golden | Play Loud Die, Vol. II
Radio Moscow | Pacing | New Beginnings
Hysterese | Fortune | Hysterese (Germany)
Pestilence | Parricide | Malleus Maleficarum (Netherlands)
Pile | Texas | A Hairshirt Of Purpose
Kenny Kenny Oh Oh | Why Can’t We Say | I Will Not Negotiate (Germany)
Ötzi | Hounds | Ghosts
Maximum Dad | Unmanned | Dear Enemy EP
Rig Time! | War | War
Ufomammut | Warsheep | 8
The Lumes | Discharge | Envy
Quin Galavis | Garden Wall | The Battery Line
Paradise Lost | From The Gallows | Medusa
Essex Muro | FUPM | Numb Life
Suspirians | Nocturne | Ti Bon Ange
Deadsmoke | Emperor Of Shame | Mountain Legacy
Fvzz Popvli | Stamps are for… smile | Fvzz Dei
Evil Triplet | Star Ladder | Otherworld
The Moth | Empty Heart | Hysteria
Plax | Boring Story | Plax
Deafkids | Veia Aberta | Configuração Do Lamento
Transit Method | Snake Wine | We Won’t Get Out Of Here Alive
Buzzard Dust | Nomophobia | Buzzard Dust
The Flying Eyes | Come Round | Burning Of The Season
Violation Wound | Tipping Point | Split CD
Nick Oliveri w/Dwarves | Luv Is Fiction | N.O. Hits At All – Vol.3
Bastardhammer | Live Large, Die Fat | Split CD
Lords Of Altamont | Been Broken | The Wild Sounds Of The Lords Of Altamont
War Cloud | Chopper Wired | War Cloud
Motorhead | God Save The Queen | Under Cover
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

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