Naked Rob


Wednesday, March 28

Thanks for listening to today’s show. If you missed it, don’t worry. Go to Radio Valencia‘s website, and click on PODCAST. There you can stream or download my show. That’s it. The photo above is SPACE RADIO by Victor Vercesi. I will be listening to the radio someday from outer space. No, really. HA! Have a good week and be cool. CHEERS! ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA


(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
The Cavemen | Janey | Nuke Earth LP
Youth Avoiders | On The Run | Relentless
High Priests | Control | Control
True Love | Outside of Outsiders | The Pact
Chrch | Portals | Light Will Consume Us All
The Death Wheelers | Black Crack | I Tread On Your Grave
Shark Attack | C.C.P | Discography (reissue)
Split Cranium | Evil Hands | I’m The Devil and I’m OK
Reverend Beat-Man and Nicole Izobel Garcia | Come Back Lord | Baile Bruja Muerto
Deiquisitor | Atom Synthesis | Downfall of the Apostates
Trail of Lies | Next Generation | W.A.R.
Earthless | End to End | Black Heaven
Pulver | Howl | Pulver
Octopus | The Center | Supernatural Alliance
Reverend Beat-Man and the New Wave | I Have Enough | Blues Trash
The Sword | Deadly Nightshade | Used Future
Baptists | Capsule | Beacon of Faith
Space Chaser | Virus | Split
Tongue Party | Clocktower | Tongue Party
Abjection Ritual | Body Of Filth | Soul of Ruin
Zeke | Burn | Hellbender
Cave Bastard | Purity Through Oblivion | The Bleak Shall Devour The Earth
Black Wizard | Feast Or Famine | Livin’ Oblivion
Hell To Pay | Bleed To Me | Bliss
Killer Boogie | Brother In Time | Acid Cream
Killing Addiction | Global Freezing | Omega Factor (reissue)
Black Rainbows | Riding Fast ‘Til The End Of Time | Pandaemonium
Parasight | Everything is falling apart | To Live As If There Was Hope
Easy Prey | Closed Doors | Teeth
Angerot | From the Pit to the Apex | The Splendid Iniquity
The Watchers | Starfire | Black Abyss
Ripped to Shreds | God Worshipping Society | Mai-zang
Iron Reagan | Take The Fall | Split
Ilsa | Cosmos Antinomos | Corpse Fortress
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

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