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#740 | INTERVIEW: Greg Anderson of Southern Lord Recordings | MAY 8, 2018

Sunday, May 20

I forgot to post this before I went on vacation. Thank you, Greg Anderson of Southern Lord Recordings, for coming onto the radio show. It was a great interview and congrats again for 20 years and hopefully to another 20 years. CHEERS! If you missed the show or the interview (or any other for that matter) go to Radio Valencias website, and click on PODCAST. There you can stream or download my shows. Or click on the radio player down below. Catch me back on the air this Tuesday, May 22nd. Laters. ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA


Greg Anderson of Southern Lord Recordings
Cheers to 20 Years of SLR!!
artist | track | album | label
(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Power Trip | Suffer No Fool | Opening Fire: 2008-2014 |
Child Bite | Throb Forever | Burnt Offerings Disc One: Rarities | Housecore Records
Shifka Chiefs | Computer Machine | …Their Fantastic Journey To Planet Mayunz | Twintoe Records
Year of the Knife | Blue Lies | First State Aggression | self-release
Wicked City | Bodysurfing | Bucket List | Self-Release
Maggot Casket | Maggot Casket | Maggot Casket | Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends | Recant! | Protons and Electrons: Atom 3 | Self-Release
American Ethos | The Wolves of Paris | Futurism | Conditions Records
Moron’s Morons | Devil Sucks My Cock and Swallows | Indecent Exposure EP | Slovenly Recordings
Fister | I Am Kuru | No Spirit Within | Listenable Records
Dead Cross | My Perfect Prisoner | Dead Cross EP | Ipecac Recordings
Mean Jeans | (Lets Go B4 I Blow My) Brains Out | Split 7″ | Big Neck Records
Nandas | Bellona | EP II 7” | Toxic State Records
Black Box Warning | 3 mg | Attendre La Mort | Self-Release
Monsternaut | Anthem | Enter The Storm | Heavy Psych Sounds
Peel | Give Up Your Ghost | Never Not Dead | Self-Release
Cleveland Steamers | Maple Leaf Girl | Best Record Ever | Smog Veil Records
Graveyard | The Fox | Peace | Nuclear Blast
Heads | To Call And Let It Ring | Collider | Corpse Flower Records
Wrong | Pustule | Feel Great | Relapse Records
Scumworm | Aún Viven | EP | Self-Release
Tongue Party | Sweaty Dollar | Looking For A Painful Death | Learning Curve Records
The Freeks | Hypnotize My Heart | Crazy World | Heavy Psych Sounds Records

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