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Wednesday, June 27


Thanks for listening to my radio show today. if you missed it, don’t worry. Got to Radio Valencia‘s website at and click on the PODCAST page and look for Terrible Tuesday Radio Show w/DJ Naked Rob. There, you’ll be able to stream or download my show. Thanks.
Pictured below is probably one of the BEST Rock and Roll DJ’s to have ever lived, WOLFMAN JACK! He passed away July 1st, 1995. When I was a kid in the 70s & 80s, I heard his radio show (and on television) and it blew me away. His voice was very distinctive and you knew it was him. He was crazy cool and played some good ‘ol tunes. I have never forgotten about him. Rest In Power, Wolfman.
Have a great week everybody and be cool. CHEERS! DJ Naked Rob, SFCA


#744 | WOLFMAN JACK R.I.P. | JUNE 26, 2018

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini | Atlantic Recordings

Pious Levus | Nameless Cruciforms | Beast of the Foulest Depths | Warfare Noise Productions

Karies | Pebbo | Alice | This Charming Man Records

Art Of Burning Water | The death of unconditional love in the age of I-me-me | Split LP | Bigoût Records

Arse | Primitive Species | Primitive Species | Erste Theke Tontraeger

Stuntman | Easy Prey | Split LP | Bigoût Records

No Love | Choke On It | Choke On It | Sorry State Records

Beastmaker | Fire and Brimstone | EP 3 | Church Records

Tile | Landmines | Come On Home, Stranger | Limited Appeal Records

No Question | Raised Nothing | S/T | Give Praise Records

Faux Depart | Biathlon | Au Pied Du Mur | Doomtown Records

Leeched | Cripple The Herd | You Took The Sun When You Left | Prosthetic Records

Clutch | How to Shake Hands | Book of Bad Decisions | Weathermaker


Axis of Despair | The Wolven Law | Contempt for Man | Southern Lord

Pious Faults | Cope | Old Thread | Feel It Records

Trappist | No Corporate Beer | Ancient Brewing Tactics | Relapse

Pink Mass | Hedonist’s Lament | Necrosexual | Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Maniac | Subject to Change | Dead Dance Club | Dirt Cult Records

Madball | Smile Now Pay Later | For The Cause | Nuclear Blast Records

Echo Beds | Still Body | Buried Language | The Flenser

Lowest Creature | Lay Down The Law | Misery Unfolds 7″| Isolation Records

Lesser Glow | Empty Eyes | Ruined | Pelagic Records


High Command | The Primordial Void | The Primordial Void | Haftvad Records

Moron’s Morons | Devil Sucks My Cock and Swallows | Indecent Exposure EP | Slovenly Recordings

Sepultura | Arise | Arise (reissue) Rhino

Funeral Horse | Sacrifice of a Thousand Ships | Psalms For The Mourning | Artificial Head Records

Tomb Mold | Abysswalker | Manor Of Infinite Forms | 20 Buck Spin

Aboleth | Vinny Gets Arrested | Benthos | WURMgroup


Daggra | Sculpting Discord | Setsuna | Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Vitamin X | Reverse Midas Touch | Age Of Paranoia | Southern Lord

Draghkar | Eternal Disintegration | The Endless Howling Abyss | Craneo Negro Records

Monsternaut | Midnight | Enter The Storm | Heavy Psych Sounds Records

Caffeine | The Coin Serac | This Charming Man Records

Baptists | Nostrovia | Beacon Of Faith | Southern Lord Recordings

Dopethrone | Killdozer | Transcanadian Anger | Totem Cat Records

Kamikaze Zombie | In The Mouth Of Madness | Night of the Nuberous | Self-Release

Domadora | Vacuum Density | Lacuna | Self-Released

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