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Thursday, March 14

I wanna thank Lars Frederiksen for calling into the radio show on Radio Valencia. He’s a very busy guy and to take out 30-minutes of his life to do an interview with me is such an honor. Thanks, Lars and go see his band playing this Saturday at Thee Parkside, The Old Firm Casuals.
If you missed the interview or the rest of the radio show, no worries. Click the radio player down below or the show will be on the TERRIBLE TUESDAY podcast page at There, you can download or stream it. Have a great week everybody and see you in 2 weeks. CHEERS! DJ Naked Rob, SFCA


band track album label

(intro) Revolting Cocks Get Down Beers, Steers & Qveers Wax Trax!

Netherlands Sluggo Green Lips And Lightning (Unreleased B-Sides) Self-Released

Steve Adamyk Band The Letter Paradise Dirtnap Records

Bat Wild Fever Axestasy Hells Headbangers

Dogs Class of 1970 Suburban Nightmare Dionysus Records


Chokehold 2.0 With This Thread I Hold On EONE

Tia Carrera Visitors Visitors / Early Purple Small Stone

Cosmonauts Seven Sisters Star 69 Burger Records


Diamond Head Belly of the Beast The Coffin Train Silver Lining Music

Pink Mexico Shit River Dump Burger Records

Hot Lunch Smoke Ring Seconds Tee Pee Records


Noisem Filth And Stye Cease To Exist 20 Buck Spin

Req’d FOOL Fall In Love On Hate Street Wondertaker

Draghkar Swallowed By The Dark Eternal Abyss Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Dub Trio World of Inconvenience (feat. King Buzzo) The Shape of Dub To Come New Damage




Lars Frederiksen of The Old Firm Casuals


The Old Firm Casuals Overdose On Sin Holger Danske Pirates Press Records

The Old Firm Casuals Nation On Fire Holger Danske Pirates Press Records


Pandemix A Pox In Condemnation Dirt Cult Records

Devil Master Gaunt Immortality Satan Spits on Children of Light Relapse

Frisco Amputation Song Love Songs For Phantom Limbs Valley King

USA/Mexico Shoofly Matamoros 12XU


Kicker I Can’t Sleep Pure Drivel Tankcrimes

Signo Rojo Breeders End Of Tether Self-Released

School Drugs Black Tongue Relative Suffering Self-Released

Buzzcocks I Don’t Mind Another Music In A Different Kitchen (reissue) Domino Recording Company

ils Curse Pain Don’t Hurt P.O.G.O. records

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