Radio Valencia
Sunday Streets 2014 Part 1 - DJ's Bullwinkle & Faco
August 24, 2014 11:00am


Radio Valencia
Sunday Streets 2014 Part 1 - DJ's Bullwinkle & Faco
11:15am - 12:00pm - DJ Bullwinkle from the show, Bullwinkle's Whole Wide World. His show is on every Sunday from 12pm till 2pm.
Sunday Streets Soul Party Shakedown
Set List:
01. Hip Shaken Gogo by Guy Maurice
02. Gotta Have Money by Bobby Ruch
03. Everybody Dance Now by Little Caesar And The Emppire
04. What's The Matter With Me by The Fabulous Gardenia
05. I'm Hurting (Shock) by Billy Gales
06. Sorry 'Bout That by The Team Beats
07. Show Stopper by The Knight Bros.
08. Robin's Theme by Dan & Dale
09. Shake Your Soul Honey by Sam Rhodes
10. Soul Meeting by Don Williams & The Exchange
11. Puppy Howl Blues by Big Moose
12. Super Soul by Clarence Nelson
13. Love-Itis by Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds
14. Whip It On Me by Sonny Raye
15. My Baby Likes To Boogaloo by Don Gardner
16. Standing On The Corner by Dorothy Berry
17. I Live The Life I Love by Willie Parker
18. Whiplash by The Shells

12:00pm - 12:45pm DJ's Bullwinkle & Faco
Faco's show is called, Spontaneous Innuendos. It is on every Friday from 10am till 12pm.
Bullwinkle vs Faco - A Sunday Streets Battle Royal!

It happened on a Sunday, on the streets of San Francisco. In fact, it was Sunday Streets on Valencia Street in San Francisco. It was a battle to end all battles, DJ Bullwinkle vs. DJ Faco. A Battle Royal, Song vs. Song! Only the strong would survive.

Even thought Faco won the coin toss. He faltered and it was up to Bullwinkle to start things off. Bullwinkle came out swinging!

1st Round
Bullwinkle - Winner by Cheeseburger
Faco - Brotherhood Of The Harvest by Comets On Fire

2nd Round
Bullwinkle - Downtown Oakland by Fungo Mungo
Faco - Freedom! 90 by George Michael

3rg Round
Bullwinkle - Jungle Obsession by Nino Nardini & Roger Roger
Faco - Don't 1 2 Lose U by Machinedrum

4th Round - The Final Round
Bullwinkle - EIO (During The Flood) by Pow Wows
Faco - Behold The Panther Stone by Darediablo

Both DJ's fought with gusto. It was a hard fought battle to end. There could only be ONE!!!! Today was not going to be either DJ's day. The judges ruled the battle a draw, a tie. This is not the end for these two competitors; there will be a rematch.......

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