Puzzling Evidence Show Product #40
May 14, 2015 12:00am


Puzzling Evidence
Puzzling Evidence Show Product #40
Chatroom History
May 14, 2015 12:00am - 4:30am

vj pussycat: ow you guys blew it! (12:01am)
vj pussycat: DEAD AIR (12:03am)
vj pussycat: really DEAD air (12:05am)
vj pussycat: live air (12:05am)
vj pussycat: thank you (12:05am)
Show: Air All Clean Now (12:55am)
Show: is nothing to no one at this time (1:08am)
vj pussycat: yet, i still listen (1:26am)
vj pussycat: thank you, show (1:27am)
Show: Youse Welcome (2:34am)
vj pussycat: good, may i go to sleep soon? (2:35am)
vj pussycat: just kidding, i'll be up for a while working on my manifesto (2:37am)
vj pussycat: carry on (2:37am)
vj pussycat: and i still have at least half a box of whippets left (2:42am)
vj pussycat: *whippits (2:42am)
Show: whippitts goood (2:43am)
vj pussycat: whip-it!*� (2:45am)
vj pussycat: lost in translation (2:46am)
vj pussycat: whip-it!*� conducive to show (2:47am)
Show: And, some records are low in volume... (2:47am)
vj pussycat: hey show, were you ever on knon in the dallas period? (3:04am)
Show: Only On Tape. (3:06am)
vj pussycat: what years? (3:10am)
Show: From The Start. We do KPFA for Years Before That KNON. (3:12am)
vj pussycat: the '80s? (3:13am)
Show: Yes. We meet in 1980, when I go out to see JFK's brain. (3:14am)
vj pussycat: I didn't know what I was listening to at the time, but I do believe it must've been show (3:17am)
Show: Partly (3:28am)
Show: Did infect my Dallas fronts towards tapeshow. (3:28am)
vj pussycat: just recalling the strong feeling of familiarity experienced upon discovering ote and puzzling evidence shortly after moving to the sf bay area in '91 (3:34am)
vj pussycat: long suspected yet never confirmed (3:35am)
vj pussycat: ladybird was at my graduation - i graduated same time as her grandson (3:41am)
Show: Beatify America. (3:51am)
vj pussycat: i have a weird sentimental connection to true stories - spending lots of time at northpark mall as a kid (3:58am)
Show: True Stories? (4:06am)
vj pussycat: yea, the fashion show and other mall scenes filmed at northpark mall (4:08am)
Show: The Puzzling Evidence song was written after Byrne saw the Book of the Sub. The church scene was going to be the Dallas Subs. (4:11am)
vj pussycat: i'd been listening to show for years before i heard that story and put that together (4:12am)
vj pussycat: i'm kinda slow i suppose (4:12am)
Show: It's hardly important, so not slow you are. (4:15am)
vj pussycat: well i was vaguely familiar and aware of bob and the church, but was never a member and never made the connection to show in dallas (4:17am)
Show: OK. Now to Sleep. (4:19am)
vj pussycat: robo time. thx for 30ish years of entertainment (4:19am)
vj pussycat: see ya on kpfa manana (4:20am)

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