Music Without Borders: May 18 Show
May 18, 2015 4:00pm


Beats and Pieces
Music Without Borders: May 18 Show
DJ Baagi (Rhythms of Solidarity) stands in this week. Music played:

Intertribal no. 1 — A Tribe Called Red,
Dub Del Pacifico — Flowering Inferno,
Sweet — Kakatsitsi Drummers,
Belebo — Jose Marquez remix kakatsitsi drummers,
Who Runs This Place — Asian Dub Foundation,
Maestros — Buyepongo (Jose Marquex Remix),
Homenaje a Justino — Uproot Andy,
That Song People Keep Asking about and That Joy used in his RA Mix — Four Tet,
Neo Kumbia Verde Mix — Leo Rodroguez,
Go Hard — Q-tip,
1977 — Ana Tijoux,
Toura Toura — Cheb i Sabbah,
Marhgan (I will not Go) — Sadat & Alaa Fifty Cent,
0 to 100 Drake Dhol Mix — DJ Hans,
Dhol Rinse — Asian Dub Foundation,
Pull up to Mi Bumper — Konshens & J Capri,
Welcome to Jamaica (Feat Piracy) — Str@wberry,
Days in the East — Drake (Sango Remix),
Bata Ketu (Iroko) — Jose Marquez,
Afro Ijexa — Batukem Tukada,
Negro De Luz — Ilê Aiyê,
Dhol Dark & Handsome — The Dhol Foundation,
Ritmo De Batuplena, Anibal De Garcia, Batukealo,
Kyenkyen Bi Adi M'awu — K Frimpong and His Cubanos Fiestas,
BB Don't Cry — Sango Remix

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