Puzzling Evidence Show Product #72
December 24, 2015 12:00am


Puzzling Evidence
Puzzling Evidence Show Product #72
Chatroom History
December 24, 2015 12:00am - 4:30am

Karen Carpenter: moral and horror are your friends (1:03am)
And: still are....... (1:36am)
And: The Show floats out to space sea... (1:36am)
Karen Carpenter: float is a strong term (1:38am)
And: Work People Unite with Show!! (1:38am)
Karen Carpenter: every time Puzzling Evidence says "this is how radio works" a DJ gets a show (1:39am)
And: Where's that confounded bridge?! (1:40am)
there's: one more thing (1:41am)
Karen Carpenter: this show is ok after NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND (1:42am)
And: Nancy and I are hooked on Show." (1:42am)
Karen Carpenter: shrsly (1:42am)
And: Out of ur hm?! (1:42am)
Karen Carpenter: I'm slow clapping as fast as I can (1:42am)
And: BIG BUVCKKS!! (1:43am)
Karen Carpenter: ok, nice show... amazing (1:43am)
Karen Carpenter: preferred content (1:44am)
Karen Carpenter: is (1:44am)
Karen Carpenter: dead (1:44am)
Karen Carpenter: force feed everyone (1:45am)
And: Thanks for your service to your county. (1:45am)
Karen Carpenter: for their own good (1:45am)
is: this the sherilyn connelly part of the show? (1:49am)
Karen Carpenter: is this thing on? (1:50am)
And: Had trouble with COMM Channel X..connection now still open. (1:51am)
Karen Carpenter: can you make sure KrOB isn't listening pease? (1:51am)
And: Go Away, Unpermitted persons! (1:51am)
And: fore pease (1:51am)
And: An fr th kds (1:51am)
And: See? (1:52am)
he: edits the way people talk (1:53am)
And: Nobody should have to come in at eight a m and see the way people talk. (1:54am)
Karen Carpenter: no one sould (1:55am)
The Bed Bugs Of San Francisco: Leave us to our work! (1:55am)
And: Euuughheuauh! (1:55am)
Karen Carpenter: there are more bedbugs in the universe than tears of RV DJs (1:56am)
Karen Carpenter: I appreciate how the viewers increase during the bedbug infestation (1:57am)
And: Viewers like to be sucked on. (1:57am)
viewers: like you (2:00am)
And: Yes, Viewers Like Us. (2:01am)
And: One Min it itno the Ask Dr Hal anywhere around here... (2:03am)
somewhere between: jibber and jabber (2:04am)
And: Betwwen Freedumb and Cicumspicion. (2:04am)
Chicken Skin Music: loves Mr C... (2:06am)
Philo: Lave it alone...dunt tuch it... (2:06am)
but, i don't like: it (2:08am)
Mister Master PT: Hello? (2:08am)
Mister Master PT: Hello? (2:08am)
My Mind: Go Away! (2:08am)
Mistr Master PT: Hallin' out?! Here HAW! (2:11am)
bunches: of them (2:12am)
Sponch Peepoles : Unite!! (2:13am)
Sponch Peepoles : now throw up. Hummus re pulse I've. (2:14am)
All The Intelligence Agencies working for The US Government: We Listen. We Remember. (2:15am)
where's: droid jockey? (2:17am)
bunches: of us (2:17am)
R: ingo?! (2:18am)
BedBeug Nation: Buddcheeks? (2:21am)
doug: nose his bugs (2:22am)
Boug hugs his Bose.: it. (2:23am)
that's: funnier.. thanks. (2:23am)
And: that is nowhere ,, Man.. (2:23am)
And: Just excersizing. Grope over it. (2:24am)
he: writes the way people edit (2:24am)
And: some between Jammers and Saucy Off-Broadway. (2:25am)
And: He edits the way people glow. (2:27am)
I'm: glad it is not the ballon people.. (2:28am)
i need: hell pon luckinbill computer (2:29am)
I'm: sure you will find same soon. (2:29am)
I'm: sure the Heaven God will give you it. (2:31am)
sybok: perhaps... (2:32am)
everytime: doug says "yeah", a heaven angel gets brisket (2:34am)
Skinmet Tar: of the Mid Ouest (2:35am)
Doug: Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah (2:35am)
keep the show moving: give me something i can work with (2:35am)
Doug: Say It With MEEEEEE! (2:36am)
Yeah: I love Me. (2:36am)
Jerry Lewis: will not be attending tonight. (2:39am)
President Goldie: is no longer attending. (2:41am)
President Goldie: Passover, Texas (2:41am)
President Goldie: has closed down (2:41am)
has closed: down (2:41am)
15%: on manuel (2:42am)
The Quiz: , this is on, (2:42am)
dope in the pod : ms. dors (2:44am)
Yoda: Diana Dors, reting Easy Now. (2:44am)
RV DJ: Monster Checkout. (2:45am)
i know much: kumquats cost! (2:46am)
RV DJ: tramping into ur head since 90 seconds ago (2:47am)
trumpus: gimme your "kid" (2:47am)
RV DJ: feels sick, well (2:50am)
jeebus h. may company: get some wrists (2:51am)
NIN: yeah (2:54am)
There Show : is obligatory.....all there is to it. (2:59am)
The Mystery: Not Cared About Is The One Taken. (3:00am)
the end of my: click shift is coming in about 9 years (3:12am)
The Beginning of All Shows: zone, neh? (3:15am)
little large man: but the truth is, you really don't want me to go download (3:15am)
The Beginning of All Shows: When The Soft Ware gets through with you, there won't be nothing but a greasy bit... (3:17am)
The Beginning of All Shows: Those ain't yodas and starters down there... (3:17am)
And: 4 peanuts outta my sheeeee-iiitt (3:18am)
The Beginning of All Shows: Turn The Radios Down! (3:18am)
Or: Eat My Classic Tracks!!! (3:19am)
play a: fucking fsast one (3:20am)
Or: That's cool. (3:22am)
Or: That's Progress. (3:24am)
i got a mal: function in my ears (3:25am)
And: That's the mustard cutting talking (3:25am)
And: tend ant (3:26am)
If The Show is over, it is Over.: soon (3:26am)
When The Show: is over (3:28am)
When The Show: plays the KUAM sign out (3:29am)
that: 's cool (3:29am)
When The Show: skoool's zout (3:30am)

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