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Can Haz Dust: We Take a Step to the Country side
July 26, 2011 10:00pm


Can Haz Dust: We Take a Step to the Country side
You can call it what you want. "Americana", "Roots Music", "Country", "Western", "New Country", "Cow Punk", "Shockabilly" (or what ever other 'billy ya like), "Bluegrass", or....

I don't care what you call it. I don't like all of it. But some of it I like a LOT. So I came up with the name "Dust" and that's what I call what I like of it.

Tonight on Can Haz DJ I played a LOT of it. From folks like Bad Livers, Lee Hazelwood, Califone, Uncle Tupelo, Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle, Tom Waits, Moonshine Willy, Rex, it goes on and on. Some of it rocks like Scott H Biram or Southern Culture On The Skids. Some is poppy, some is even a little electronic-y (lookin @ you Califone). And lest you think it's hormonally biased... Cat Power, Abra Moore, and several other ladies have their voices heard.

Anyway how I think of Dust is a taste thang going back in your throat, like just beyond where you can reach, like it were a drug comin' on, and you start droppin yer g's, like me.

Or put another way it's stuff with a twang or a twinge or banjo or a rootsy folks americana-a-y kinda thang. some electric, some acoustic; some like bluegrass, some like blues, some gospel; some rockin', some maudalin; songs on scoundrels and "drankin'", broke up hearts n' cars n' pickle buckets full of gas-o-line. Usually it's stuff with a bit more character and some angular elements that set it out from the mainerstream country norm. But not always.

Playlist coming eventually, but do enjoy this pod now, please.

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