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Can Haz ABC DJ -- plus special East Coast Earthquake, Richmond VA set
August 23, 2011 10:00pm


Can Haz ABC DJ -- plus special East Coast Earthquake, Richmond VA set
A really fun show! Started off with a set of bands from my hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Bands dating from 1984 (Death Piggy!) to just a couple years ago (Galusha Grow), with a bonus couple bands from close by: D.C. and Harrisonburg, VA. All to commemorate the biggest earthquake the east coast has felt since the time of the last World War.

After that I did an alphabetical stumble of bands from Adam & the Ants to ZZ Top touring hip hop, Punk, Post-Punk, "Alt-Country" and the latest electronic styles along the way. Uncle Tupelo loves being next to Venetian Snares, I promise!

Finished up with a bit of this and that, including Akufen shaking up an old blues tune, a collaboration between Mark E. Smith of The Fall and Mouse on Mars (Von Südenfed), and some classic dub from Burning Spear.

Check the blog for some videos and extra links. Here's the full playlist...

Shudder To Think - Earthquakes Come Home
More Fire For Burning People - Target Practice
Hell Mach 4 - Ten Meter Resolution
Damn Near Red - Confession
Kepone - Sick River
Blast Off Country Style - Teenage Unicorn
Rah Bras - Herculine Androgyn
Galusha Grow - Here But Not All There
Death Piggy - Fat Man
Yma Sumac = Tumpa (Earthquake)

Adam & The Ants - Zerox
The Beastie Boys - Intergalactic (Rare Star Trek Remix)
Chris Clark - New Year Storm
D.I.T.C. - Day One (w/ Diamond D, Big L, A.G., Lord Finesse)
Elvis Costello - Blame It On Cain
The Fall - Hit The North part 1
Girl Talk - All Eyes On Me
The Handsome Family - The Loneliness Of Magnets

Intermix - Funky Hell
The Jesus Lizard - Uncommonly Good
Kool Keith - Drugs
Lump200 - Nachtwache - (Remix of Kammerflimmer Kollektief)
Mux Mool - Wolf Tone Symphony
NoMeansNo - It's Catching Up
Oingo Boingo - Perfect System
Pere Ubu - Non-Alignment Pact
Quarta 330 - Bleeps from Outer Space
Rickie Lee Jones - Show Biz Kids
The Saints- I Couldn't Help Myself
Tom Waits - Temptation
Uncle Tupelo - Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down

Venetian Snares - Hajnal
Wolf Parade - What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had to Go This Way) (Album)
X - Painting the Town Blue
The Young Gods - Gasoline Man
ZZ Top - La Grange
Muslimgauze - Vanilla Jellaba

8in8 - The Problem With Saints
Von Südenfed - Family Feud
Akufen - The World Wanna Know
COH - No Monsters No Rock (Part I - Mezzo Forte Passionato)
Burning Spear - Workshop

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