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Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 135: Just a Nite at Another Party
August 22, 2018 8:00pm


Ribbon Around a Bomb
Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 135: Just a Nite at Another Party
Australia // New Zealand Edition!


Ginny Arnell- Dumb Head (1963)
Pel Mel- Shoes Should Fit (1983)
Little Nell- Stilettos and Lipstick (1975)
Microfilm- Summer House (1980)
Fast Cars- Saturday’s Girls (1981)

XL Capris- My City of Sydney (1979)
Height/Dismay- The Tinning Test (c. 1981)
Jumbo Zen- Self Contained (1982)
Anne Cessna & Essendon Airport- Lost in Madagascar (1980)
Voigt 465- Voices a Drama (1979)

The Snorkels- When I Say Go (1983)
Xiro- Just a Nite at Another Party (1980)
Asphixiation- Aural Risk (1980)
The Oroton Bags- Bachelors (c. 1981)
The Limp- Humans Beware (1981)

Wrong Kind of Stone Age- Run Amok (1984)
Suicide Squad- I Hate School (1979)
Upside Down House- Maintenant (1982)
Xero- Love and Anarchy (1982)
X- Goin’ Crazy (1985)

Idle Idols (1978)
The Spies- Skating (1979)
Look Blue Go Purple- Safety in Crosswords (1985)
The Playthings- Coloured (1982)
25 Cents- Don’t Deceive Me (1982)
Suburban Reptiles- Saturday Night Stay at Home (1978)

Cleves- Keep Trying (1970)
Peking Man- Room That Echoes (1985)
Ballare- Dancing (1983)
Scorched Earth Policy- Green Cigar (1984)
Marie and the Atom- Torch (1985)
Compos Mentis- Confused (1986)

Wallsockets- Snerl (1981)
Life in the Fridge Exists- Have You Checked the Children? (1980)
Naked Spots Dance- About But Not Our (1983)

Photo: Jamie Jetson of Idle Idols

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