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Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 133: Telephone Disease
July 25, 2018 8:00pm


Ribbon Around a Bomb
Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 133: Telephone Disease
Ginny Arnell- Dumb Head (1963)
Tokow Boys- Lobo del Mar (1981)
Karena Marie- Runaway (1982) (Del Shannon 61)
The Reasons- Oh Johnny (1981)
Animal Dance- Under Pulse (1984)
Die Shadocks- Disco Liebe (1982)
Ama Dots- Silver Crawlers (c. 1980)

Renee- Lay Me Down (1982)
Influenza Prods- Niente Fazzoletti (1981)
The Bodysnatchers- Easy (1980)
Ginette Bellavance & Yul- Mister Canada (c. 1978)
King Kong and the Empire State Building- Livin’ With My Mnd (1983)
Claudine Chirac- Bonjour Tristesse (1984)
Odd Stories- Dance (1981)

Betty Troupe- El Vinilo (1983)
No Unauthorized- Pas Pop Badoum! (1986)
Visibility Zero- Serenity (1982)
Catastrophe Bizarre- Furniture (1982)
Virna Lindt- Young and HIp (1981)
Splash- Hypnotised (1982)
Stinky Toys- Boozy Creed (1977)
Los Microwaves- Time to Get Up (1981)

Penny and the Rims- Jump and Jerk (Live) (1980)
Du-Du-A- Primitivni Ples (1983)
Gruppo Sportivo- Superman (1977)
Bocal 5- Babouin Calin (1984)
Tuesday Piranha- Telephone Disease (1983)
Nuala- Gran Canaria (1982)
Desperate Hours- Rob Roy (1982)
P1/E- Dependence (1980)

Lolita Pop- Tid Att Ga (1983)

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