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Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 140: Shift the Blame
March 20, 2019 8:00pm


Ribbon Around a Bomb
Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 140: Shift the Blame
Ginny Arnell- Dumb Head (1963)
Nico- Heroes (1983)
The Waitresses- No Guilt (1982)
Ubangi- Messin’ With My Guy (1983)
ESG- Dance (1982)
Hans-A-Plast- Rank Xerox (1979)
Karen Marks- Cold Cafe (1981)
Wild West- Pelican (1981)
Model Citizens- Shift the Blame (1979)
The Mockingbirds- Money (1980)

Jane Aire and the Belvederes- Yankee Wheels (1978)
Headlites- Look Look Look (1980)
Elodie Lauten- Mister Pip (1981)
Drinking Electricity- Good Times (1982)
NON Band- Solar (1982)
Schlaflose Nächte- Move (1981)
Inflatable Boy Clams- Snoteleks (1981)
Ideal- Berlin (1980)
Norda- Snakes and Ladders (1984)

Reversible Cords- Plastic Money (1978)
Die Dominas- Die Wespendomina (1981)
Jane Bond and the Undercovermen- I Made Love to a Communist (1986)
Henriette Coulouvrat- T’es Trop (1982)
Frightwig- A Man’s Got to Do What a Man’s Got to Do (1984)
A-Heads- No Rule (1982)
The Twinsets- Heartbeat (1984)
Out on Blue Six- Party Mood (1981)

Pink Section- Shopping (1979)
Oh-Ok- Elaine’s Song (1983)
Space Turkeys- I Got the Beetroot (1981)
Cristina- Is That All There Is? (1980)

Catastrophe Bizarre- Lobotomy (1982)

Image: Cristina

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