First attempt at a remote broadcast...
April 6, 2020 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
First attempt at a remote broadcast...
Not only is this my first attempt at a remote broadcast from home but also my first show since we got kicked out of Impact Hub for them not paying rent... not us... So the first part of the show is a little funky as I was working with the levels and getting a feel for my makeshift studio.

Now Playing History
April 6, 2020 10:00pm - 12:30am

10:03pm: Lie down and die Goodbye by Alice Cooper from Easy Action

10:18pm: The Soft Parade by The Doors from live 1969 on PBS NYC

10:27pm: Movin' on Out by Eddie Harris from High Voltage

10:33pm: Sign O the Times by Sex Mob from Din of Inequity

10:39pm: Trance Dance by Korla Pandat from The Universal Language of Music

10:51pm: Solsbuy Hill by Lou Reed from And I'll Scratch yours

10:56pm: Our Prayer by Albert Ayler

11:01pm: This Magic Moment by Lou Reed from Doc Pomus tribute album

11:07pm: Lo and Behold by Bob Dylan from basement tapes

11:14pm: The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden from The Number of the Beast

11:19pm: 30 seconds over tokyo by Pere Ubu from singles collection

11:25pm: Sweet Nothing by Sonic's Rendezdvous band from singles collection

11:33pm: Highway star by Deep purple from Machine Head

11:38pm: upstroke for the downstroke by Parliment Funkadelic

11:45pm: I feel free by Cream from Fresh Cream

11:48pm: Tin Soldier by Small Faces

11:51pm: Water (live) by The Who

12:02am: Isolation by John Lennon

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