Billy Returns
February 1, 2021 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
Billy Returns
10:05pm: Billy by Bob Dylan from Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid outtakes
10:13pm: Emergency LIve 1969 by Tony Williams LIfetime
10:25pm: excerpt from Finnigans Wake by James Joyce
10:33pm: The Two of Us by Boris Karloff and Vincent Price
10:37pm: excerpt from Wake In Fright by Donald Pleasence
10:38pm: My Way by Sid Vicious
10:50pm: All of You by Don Felder from Heavy Metal Soundtrack
10:53pm: Heavy Metal (Takin a ride) by Don Felder from Heavy Metal Soundtrack
10:58pm: Forever in Blue Jeans by Neil Diamond
11:04pm: I Wanna Be Adored by The Stone Roses from The Stone Roses
11:06pm: Oh! Sweet Nuthin (early version) by The Velvet Underground
11:11pm: Echoes by Pink Floyd from Meddle
11:41pm: Fraive by Bruckman/Dijl/Heule/Nishi-Smith from Brittle Feebling
11:48pm: Dearly Beloved by Marc Ribot
11:52pm: See That My Grave is Kept Clean by Ralph White from The Mongrels Head

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