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Cheap Hooch Presents: Disnee Princess & Crimewave with Jean-Pierre
March 14, 2021 4:00pm


Cheap Hooch Radio
Cheap Hooch Presents: Disnee Princess & Crimewave with Jean-Pierre
Today's show features Li Po and Gatsby in conversation with Jean-Pierre - bass player extraordinaire for SF bands Disnee Princess and Crimewave

xoxo Li Po & the Hoochies

Black Cat by Gentle Giant
Downbound Train by Chuck Berry
He Makes Me So Mad by Hollywood Jills
Suicide by The Royal Flairs
I Flew by Bulldog Breed
Let It Happen by Wildfire
Hold On by Crack the Sky
Young Miles in the Basement by Pere Ubu
Crush This Horn by Pere Ubu
Rampage by Crimewave from Crimewave
Mothra by Crimewave from Crimewave
Third Rail by Crimewave from Crimewave
Nigel by Crimewave from Crimewave
Pancakes by Crimewave from Crimewave
Don't Light My Fire by Otoboke Beaver
Deceptacon by Le Tigre
Crime Wave by Crime
LAX by Hot Snakes
Sinkhole by Drive-By Truckers
Donkie Boy by Blitzen Trapper
Hello, Boss!!! by Fatal Flying Guilloteens
Digital Tenderness by Adam & The Ants
Humor Me by Pere Ubu
Thriller! by Pere Ubu
Voice of the Sand by Pere Ubu
Premier by Disnee Princess
Smee by Disnee Princess
Blood Diner by Disnee Princess
Safe Chirp by Disnee Princess
Areolas by Disnee Princess
For Those Who Have Graced The Fire by Blast!
Shrednecks by Municipal Waste
Super Apes by Feral Ohms
Am I Punk Yet? by Electro Hippies
Void You Out by OFF!
The Fascist Lawn by The Peechees
Too Fast by Supersnazz
Sentimental Journey by Pere Ubu
Habaytak Belssaif by Fairuz
Certified Blues by ZZ Top
Toxic by Britney Spears from Free Britney!!!
Taxidevoun by Bazooka
Black by La Peste
Master Builder by Gong

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