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Conversations with Larry Sassatelli
May 23, 2021 4:00pm


Cheap Hooch Radio
Conversations with Larry Sassatelli
Welcome to the crazy world of Larry Sassatelli - high priest of the late sixties freak beat guitar and mystic lord of early 70s proto-punk. Larry was kind enough to sit down with DJ Li Po and Gatsby Fassbinder to give the lowdown on that amazing blur of an era 1965-1973.

xoxoxo DJ Li Po & the Hoochies

Hair by The CowsillsTick Tock by Shyster
Gratefully Dead by Animals
Turn Me On by The Matchmakers
Jumpin Jack Flash (Live) by The Rolling Stones
Love Me Till The Sun Shines by The Kinks
Grounded by Syn
Hell Hound by Sir Lord Baltimore
Lady of Fire by Sir Lord Baltimore
Green Tambourine by The Lemon Pipers
Through With You by The Lemon Pipers
Junkie (Demo Version) by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Thermal Treasure by Polvo
Half Rich Loner by Paul Jacobs
Duplexes of the Dead by The Fiery Furnaces
We Will Rock You by Gasoline
Nantucket Sleighride by Mountain
Onesimpletask by SRC
5-4=Unity by Pavement
Black Dog by Led Zeppelin
The Only One by Ty Segall
Nothing is the Same by Grand Funk Railroad
Just A Little Bit by Blue Cheer
Ain't Got Nobody by Hound Dog Taylor
Deathbed Confession by Chain and the Gang

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