Genre mashing at it's finest.
Uncle Ray's Psychedelic Soul # 223 - The Return of UNCLE RAY !
June 14, 2021 4:00pm


Psychedelic Soul
Uncle Ray's Psychedelic Soul # 223 - The Return of UNCLE RAY !
Hey listeners, I'm BACK, New studio is awesome, this first show I was dealing with some tech stuff, but it came off anyway!

4:12pm: Uncle Ray\'s Psychedelic Soul Can I Get Some Help? by James Brown Ray\'s Back!!!
Funk, Soul Reggae, Rare Groove, Psychedelic, Garage, Power Pop, and anything else he feels like!.

4:16pm: Come And Get Your Love by Redbone

4:18pm: Git In There by Betty Davis

4:21pm: Underdog by Sly & The Family Stone

4:22pm: Sparkle City by Shuggie Otis

4:38pm: Are You Experienced? by Jimi Hendrix Experience

4:39pm: Hear My Train A Coming by Jimi Hendrix Experience

4:53pm: Walk Us Uptown by Elvis Costello and the Roots

4:58pm: mystery juice by Sean Lemmom

5:02pm: mystery juice by Sean Lennon

5:06pm: Lazaretto by Jack White

5:13pm: Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin

5:14pm: You Really Got Me by Kinks

5:20pm: Manish Boy(Live) by Rolling Stones

5:35pm: Glass Onion by The Beatles

5:36pm: a few songs by... by Senior Soul

5:38pm: The E Street Shuffle by Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

5:39pm: Bubble Gum The Blues by Emmitt Rhodes

5:43pm: Raise The Blinds by The Mummlers

5:45pm: Deal by Jerry Garcia

5:50pm: Don\'t Give it Up Now by Lyres

5:53pm: Us and Them by Flaming Lips

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