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Hell's Kitchen Radio #455: Wish You Were Broke
November 8, 2021 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #455: Wish You Were Broke
You have distinguished taste in music. You only want the best. So why are you here? Just joking; I got what you need.

Often times I pull my music shortly before I leave for the station, looking for albums that I either recently purchased, or something I haven't listened to in a long time. There are also times I pull records that I haven't listen to quite enough, and figure I'll try out a track on you. That being said, these records rarely get played on my show. I don't really want to experiment on you that much. That wouldn't be fair. You want to tune into a show where the host actually has done the work for you.

I've trained countless DJs over the years. Though I impart upon them my style of programming, it's important that they find their own voice, as I did. Starting my radio life at the great KFJC (88-97), I was trained by Hell'n Hairspray, who shared her own wisdom about mixing accessible tunes with more challenging tracks. There were two school's of thought at the Fine 89: Mix it up so as not to alienate the listener, and push the limits 100% of the time, listeners-be-damned! I come from the former school. I like to push the limits from time to time, but I also don't want you all running for the hills, or to Dave-FM. HA!

On this show you get a mixed bag of sonic goodness. It's the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin's fourth release (untitled), I throw in a version of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" that you have never heard before, some folk blues from the deep south, Japanese psych, Detroit proto-punk, West Kenyan Guitar, Aussie garage rock, Detroit blues, and The Residents, along with many other tasty treats, fresh from Hell's Kitchen Radio.

Take a moment and glance at the playlist, and then click on the link to stream or download this episode.

Enjoy and please share.


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The Laughing Song: The Residents
Sabbath: Lucifer

Needle Boy: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
When The Levee Breaks (alt mix): Led Zeppelin

Mean Disposition: Muddy Waters with Mike Bloomfield and Paul Butterfield
Sister Morphine: Marianne Faithful
Tamalpais High (At About 3): David Crosby

Halo of Flies (acoustic): The Melvins
What Do I Get?: Destroy All Monsters

Goddess on A Highway: Mercury Rev
I'll Buy: The Replacements
Fear and Loathing in Mahwah, NJ: Titus Andronicus

Dawn: Kikagaku Moyo
Free the Skull: Moon Duo

54-40 or Fight: Dead Moon
Losin' Your Mind: Lazy Cowgirls
Smooth Moves: The People's Temple

Wish You Were Here (Stephane Grappelli on violin): Pink Floyd
Wesimba Omurwe: Shem Tupe
Write Me A Few Of Yo Lines: Mississippi Fred McDowell

The New Gospel Keys: In That Great Getting Up In The Morning

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