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Digging into the Grateful Dead's LPs (1995-1978)
November 12, 2021 6:00pm


Digging with Dj Collin
Digging into the Grateful Dead's LPs (1995-1978)
On this episode of Digging with DJ Collin we dig into the LP’s of the Grateful Dead—starting at the end of the road with the unfinished final album and working our way back towards the beginning. I pick my favorite tunes off of the records and create a personal best-of list live on air. This is episode one of a multipart project. It will take us from 1995 and the band’s final songs to 1978 and the band’s attempts to score some hits with Shakedown Street.
• “Lazy River Road,” from the unfinished final album (live version from Ready or Not)
• “Standing on the Moon,” from Built to Last
• “Touch of Grey”, from In the Dark
• “West L.A. Fadeaway,” from In the Dark
• “Friend of the Devil,” from Dead Set
• “Cassidy,” from Reckoning
• “To Lay Me Down,” from Reckoning
• “Althea,” from Go to Heaven
• “Antwerp's Placebo,” from Go to Heaven
• “Lost Sailor,” from Go to Heaven
• “Saint of Circumstance,” from Go to Heaven
• “Shakedown Street,” from Shakedown Street
• “Serengetti,” from Shakedown Street
• “Fire on the Mountain,” from Shakedown Street
• “Stagger Lee,” from Shakedown Street
• “If I Had the World to Give,” from Shakedown Street

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