fun show times.
November 22, 2021 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
fun show times.
10:05pm: Revelation of the Confidental Report of the Citizen by Suzuki Junzo
10:18pm: Matty Groves by Fairport Convention
10:26pm: The Changeling (alternate version) by The Doors
10:32pm: Dreaming My Dreams With You by Waylon Jennings
10:42pm: Regime Pts. one and two by The Flying Luttenbachers from Cataclysm
10:55pm: KKRINGG Part one by The Flying Luttenbachers from Cataclysm
11:01pm: Mega Ghost by lightning bolt from Hypermagic Mountain
11:05pm: Goosesteppin' by The Flying Luttenbachers from Shattered Dimension
11:18pm: Ocean by The Velvet Underground from live at the Matrix, San Francisco 1969
11:29pm: Church of Anthrax by John Cale, Terry Riely from Church of Anthrax
11:37pm: side B track 3 by Sword and Sandals from Good & Plenty
11:45pm: Both will escape by Tashi Dorji from Both will escape
11:58pm: You aint seen nothing yet by Yo La Tengo

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